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Fire and Air Heart Tribal



Please do not copy, trace, reproduce, get it tattooed or alter in any way.
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Fire lion and air/wind wolf... :heart:

Well, I was told that fire + air = explosion.
And there`s some truth in this as far as I can remember from chemistry lessons (I learned that just 2 years ago, but now it already fells so long ago, and I can`t remember lots of things that I was learning then), because pure oxygen could cause some substances to explode in certain conditions.
But of course I`m not so unimaginative and I can come up with some more interpretations which are my own. :D

:bulletblue:Well, fire needs oxygen, respectively air, to burn, without it, there will be no fire.
:bulletblue:By burning fire uses all the oxygen that`s in the air, respectively, fire consumes air, until there`s nothing left from it. Have you ever tried to burn a candle under a hermetic glass cupola? Candle`s flame becomes smaller and smaller as time passes. Then, when there`s no oxygen left, candle gutters out along with air, when there`s nothing left from it.
:bulletblue:Wind can smother fire. Have you ever tried to kindle a candle in graveyard in a windy day? Well, that`s nothing easy, because when you try to light a matchwood or a cigarette-lighter, wind just snuffs it out all the time, and such an easy thing as lightening a candle, becomes impossible.
:bulletblue:During the largest conflagrations, when a forest or houses are burning, wind can help fire to spread and become even larger, and of course that`s extra problems for firefighters.

And if we take a look at wind and fire separately... It gets even more confusing.
:bulletblue:Fire can either turn into a horrible catastrophe, when forests are burning, theoretically fire can burn down half of the world, it can burn down houses, but it also can be calm, it can nicely burn in the oven and you can bake bread on it. It can heat your house.
Fire can kill many lives, and death in fire is sure not the nicest way how to die, because of the horrible pain. And even some not too serious burns, which you can get by touching something hot, can be extremely painful, you don`t even need to put hands in flames. But fire can also save lives, it can prevent someone from freezing to death.
But fire is beautiful, I love looking at flames of the campfire.
:bulletblue:And wind. A light breeze can feel very nice, when you are outside your house in a nice summer day. Wind provides rain to places that are far from seas and oceans thus giving water to plants and life on earth.
And of course there would be no life on Earth without atmosphere, all living beings breathe, but atmosphere prevents planet from becoming too cold at night and too hot at day, ozone and atmosphere in general protects Earth from sun`s radiation.
But a storm... a hurricane... a tornado... Well, that`s not the nicest part of what wind can do. These natural forces destroys houses, kills countless lives.

And now, about what wind and fire can do to these who they care for (in fire lion`s and air wolf`s context).
:bulletblue:Lets start with fire. Flames are beautiful, they give warmth and it`s hard to live without warmth in a freezing cold, but also, if you get too close, you can be hurt, you can get painful burns, you can even die in fire if you ignore warnings not to play with it and get too close. Fire is dangerous.
:bulletblue:But so is wind, wind also can be dangerous, it can be a light breeze, but this breeze, when angered can turn into a storm, a storm that destroys everything in it`s way. Wolf`s fur is intended to looks sharp in this drawing, because of dangers it hides. When angered a storm can destroy anything in it`s way, wind can tear into pieces anything. It can either help fire to spread and get larger, or just smother fire.
But a playful light breeze can go well together with fire, when fire is not burning down the whole world (of course only when also no bad things from the mentioned before happens).

:bulletblue:But if lion burns himself and everyone who is near him, wolf tempests and rampages thus tearing into pieces herself and others, especially if they dare to tease her or make her angry. None of them can live in peace, calmly and quietly.
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