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Dethklok Nouveau Set

Finally got around to finishing this project. Just in time to bring with after the concert and freaking get it signed By Brendon and Gene... YEAH!!!
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I love this, but it seems a bit odd to give Pickles such a fruity drink. ^^
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Gasp! This is stunning!!!! And omg you got it signed???? AHHHH THAT'S SO COOL!!!!!!! :-D
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Hahahahahaha, so much fucking win XD
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Where are murderface's tattoos?
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Two of my favorite things...combined into one glorious piece of art....Thank you.
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this is just awesome.
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This is AMAZING.
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Hee, love this combination. Skwisgaar actually seems to fit the context pretty well. ;p
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That's pretty awesome :heart:
Excuse ME!! I'm sorry I have Come off "ALL Wrong",as they say,But PLEASE allow me,I Beg you in the Name of Liberty and Freee speech,to hear me,and at least let me make my defense.

I think I'm a Pretty neat chic,if you would just give me a Flamin" Chance! Look ,I Appriciate Good Art,and REALLY don't throw compliments out willy nilly,I do love Dethklok,and could be a Great friend and Floowo up on requests and Even share stuff,if you'd just GIVE me a Chance! Look,I tell you all what:If You will just allow me ONE Simple Request,I will, somehow PROVE my sincerity and Frienship by making you something,O Andreaofthe Land! I am a Little limited,as to computer use,but,let me work something out.Please? Just a Chance?
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So much small details! Beautiful! :D
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wowwwww this is SO amazing! Really gorgeous work and very neat idea!
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Thank you very much!
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Omg great Art Noveau. 8D
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Amazing job! I love the style.
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one of my favorite pieces of dethklok fanart, EVER <33333333333333333333333333
AndreaOfTheLand's avatar
^_____^ Thaaanks!
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To be used in the Dethkalendar? I saw it in Pickles' folder. If it wasn't your art I saw then i'll tell him to take it down, just wanted to make sure you're the same artist.
AndreaOfTheLand's avatar
Yep, that's mine. No worries.
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