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Bramley Apple - The Forbidden Fruit.

Fine art nude photographer, NSFW, +18.

Real everyday job as Photographer, social media manager and craftsman in communication.

I love unconventional cars, bikes and models.

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Congratulations, dear artist!

One of your amazing artworks has been selected to be part of "Art of the Week" at the Deviantart group @Bondage-Dungeon

This is your 2nd appearance on the Show!

Amazing! Great work! We hope to see you again in the future.

Wow, lots of beautiful young women caught by a photographer.

I have always believed that visual physical beauty is a grace bestowed on women by God. You have caught many of them in the years when such physical beauty is at a peak in their lives. They are some of God's most beautiful creations, something you have captured well. The ones without the tattoos look the best. Tattoos distract from the natural beauty of their skin.

Your technique is flawless, your eye for light placement is superb in those morning/afternoon shots. Your girls are beautiful. And nice sentiment about nudity as art and all that.

But where are the average women in your art? Where are the homely, or older, or overweight, or short, or tall, or black, or latina women?

As it is, it appears that your definition and approach to art only centers on young, "alternative", white women.

Which is your prerogative, of course. Just trying to understand why, if one your goals is to erase the "horror" of nude bodies, you are missing on the perfect opportunity if you only shoot young beauty.

Apparently my pool of models seems to gravitate between the ages of 20 and 28 YO.

After that most models decides to retire from the full nude pictures because of their personal level of comfort.

This is a period selected by nature itself to show the feminine form in its full bloom for the obvious reason of attracting men for mating, and it is a phase in the life of any woman that deserves to be witnessed extensively.

I've tried taking pictures of women in their 60ties in the past, the results were artistically interesting but not aesthetically satisfying.

Basically I would love to try new subjects, but the results are less predictable so, if I have to invest money and time on a shooting, I tend to select tested models that can provide a good output in terms of quality and quantity of pictures.

Working with "normal" or "average" girls is difficult and potentially dangerous because they always change their minds about the amount of flesh visible in the pictures, pro models (albeit alternative) are more aware and committed to nudity.

If the shooting is arranged in TF, I might consider other typologies of subjects, but I'm not rich enough to gamble. When and if I became famous and rich, I might get to experiment more.

I've also tried to work with black models and I would love challenge to play with light on a darker skin, but I haven't find a single model in Italy that is prepared to tackle the erotic style I ask for.

Not a single asian girl on the horizon yet either...

Sometimes, even with the beautiful girls I've worked with, I'm not happy about the results, but my followers are... so I guess I'm not the one who should judge our work!

From my part I try to select the models I find inspiring, as I select the cameras and lenses that feel ideal for my personal style.

Great statement on why you shoot only nudes. I wish the world could break free from manipulative titillation.

Congratulations, dear artist!

Your amazing artwork has been selected to be part of "Art of the Week" at the Deviantart group @Bondage-Dungeon

This is your first appearance on the Show, but we certainly hope many more will follow.

Thank you for your great effort!