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The Jorgenson Family  by andrea0325 The Jorgenson Family :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 2 0 The Hofferson Family  by andrea0325 The Hofferson Family :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 6 1 Rufflout Wedding  by andrea0325 Rufflout Wedding :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 4 0 Eretcup Wedding by andrea0325 Eretcup Wedding :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 3 0 Heathstrid Wedding by andrea0325 Heathstrid Wedding :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 5 0 Warrior Queens  by andrea0325 Warrior Queens :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 8 0 MLadies by andrea0325 MLadies :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 11 0 Happy Valentines Day! (LATE) by andrea0325 Happy Valentines Day! (LATE) :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 2 0 Pretty Bitchin' Beautiful  by andrea0325 Pretty Bitchin' Beautiful :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 4 0 Reddie For Some Mistletoe? by andrea0325 Reddie For Some Mistletoe? :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 4 2 The Losers Coven Teaser #1 by andrea0325 The Losers Coven Teaser #1 :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 1 0
The Losers Coven AU
(Please forgive my insane imagination)
So,this is the best way I can put this AU
* The losers all have powers (I know dorky) and they have to hide it
* Because LOGIC
* They all come from different kingdoms in the Macroverse
* Yeah, that’s right, I’m putting the Macroverse in to all of this
* That’s how emotionally invested I get in this type of shit
* The ending to everything is a bit different.
* By the way, this has been done before
* It, AKA Pennywise, is captured by the losers club so that he doesn’t do any harm to any more kids
* Yes, it’s unoriginal and yes IT HAS BEEN DONE
* But anyways, they all hate Pennywise but have to get used to him and give him some use
* Because, once again, LOGIC
* And also, old Pennywise is here as well
* Except he’s kind of like good and, how do I say this? Retired.
* So, he kind of like helps the losers control and grow their powers or something (IDK)
* Kind of like their mentor
* Except a clown
* And he
:iconandrea0325:andrea0325 0 0
The Losers Club by andrea0325 The Losers Club :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 16 0 Jackie Boy by andrea0325 Jackie Boy :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 3 0
Pirates of the Caribbean: Heavens Diamonds
Chapter 1
The Black Pearl was out at sea, breathing in the freedom it had gained once more. It had been three years since she had returned from the clutches of a glass bottle, trapped in Blackbeards ship, the Queen Anne's Revenge. Until she was rescued by the notorious Captain Jack Sparrow. And five years later, she was released by the same sword she had been taken by. And she loved every second of it's beautiful freedom.
On the Pearl, the crew worked hard to keep her in check. At the mast, Pintel and Ragetti cleaned the rugged floors of the ship. They had been apparently 'lost at sea' since the attack of Blackbeard. And they had just been recently found.
"Batten down the hatches! We're going to be experiencing some mild conditions, lads!" Mr.Gibbs, the first mate, commanded the crew. Every since the incident with the Trident of Poseidon, Captain Jack Sparrow had regained his luck once more. The last three years had been quite calm, just doing the average pirate things. However, eventu
:iconandrea0325:andrea0325 1 0
Little Butterflies by andrea0325 Little Butterflies :iconandrea0325:andrea0325 5 0


Game of Thrones Coloring Book -Dragon Eggs by rickgrimes923 Game of Thrones Coloring Book -Dragon Eggs :iconrickgrimes923:rickgrimes923 2 0 Seven Crowns by poly-m Seven Crowns :iconpoly-m:poly-m 47 6 'It feels good on my gills.' by legendfromthedeep 'It feels good on my gills.' :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 182 41 KAIJU CUDDLES 2: THE SEQUEL by legendfromthedeep KAIJU CUDDLES 2: THE SEQUEL :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 376 40 After regeneration. by legendfromthedeep After regeneration. :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 68 22 har dee har by legendfromthedeep har dee har :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 64 8 scribble idk by legendfromthedeep scribble idk :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 103 9 'does he ever lose teeth?' by legendfromthedeep 'does he ever lose teeth?' :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 106 13 this is called 'fanservice,' friends by legendfromthedeep this is called 'fanservice,' friends :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 610 93 running the blog gives me lots of beach practice by legendfromthedeep running the blog gives me lots of beach practice :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 179 10 mm-mm-good by legendfromthedeep mm-mm-good :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 152 112 this is a self-indulgent doodle by legendfromthedeep this is a self-indulgent doodle :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 92 14 'i'll fuck u up m8 i swear on me mum' by legendfromthedeep 'i'll fuck u up m8 i swear on me mum' :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 247 15 parenting by legendfromthedeep parenting :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 399 71 thief p1 by legendfromthedeep thief p1 :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 194 41 thief p2 by legendfromthedeep thief p2 :iconlegendfromthedeep:legendfromthedeep 175 30



The Jorgenson Family
Another family portrait! This time with Snotlout (31), Ruffnut (30), and the twins (6): Brenna (blonde) and Helka (brunette). I like how most of it came out, except for the heights, which are highly inaccurate. But it’s still fairly decent. The outfits were designed with help from the HTTYD3 art book.
The Hofferson Family
Ayy, new art!
So this is my art piece for the Hoffersons including: Astrid (31), Heather (32), and their son, Fenris (5). I know that Ruff and Tuff have an uncle named Fenris, but I still kept the name anyways. I made Fenris’ outfit from a mix of Zephyr and Nuffink’s outfits. And as usual, I designed Heather’s outfit myself. I also like how Astrid’s outfit makes her look kinda muscular. Or maybe it’s just the way I drew her😅
Also, I wanted to keep it at just flat colors and only added shade under the chin. I think it looks nice👌
I’ll hopefully make ones for Eretcup and Rufflout.
Rufflout Wedding
Yay, I did it! Finally, the Rufflout wedding! This is my first time drawing both of them. Ruffnut came out pretty good, but I think I could have done better with Snotlout.
I’m still debating whether or not I should draw a Stalka wedding or a picture for the 9th anniversary. Idk, but I’ll think about it.
Eretcup Wedding
See? I told you I was posting this right after the first one! Anyways, these two are basically my OTP. Period. I originally made this simply because I did one for Heathstrid. Also, I’ve been meaning to draw this for a while, but I just never had the time. Well, until now.
Once again, I used Hiccup’s outfit from THW and designed Eret’s outfit myself. The only thing I altered was Hiccup’s leaf crown, which I put flowers in cause he’s also the bride😅
Hope u like! Next couple is Rufflout!
Heathstrid Wedding
So, this will be a small series that I’m doing for my HTTYD OTPs. First up, Heathstrid! I basically used Astrid’s wedding dress from the last movie and I designed Heathers wedding dress myself. Wanted to give her a black fur cape just to match with her gorgeous wife😊
Hope you like! Next up, Eretcup which I’ll be posting right after this one since it’s already finished.
((If you’re wondering why it’s already finished, it’s because I did these art pieces for Amino originally, so they’re already done))
So just wanted to say that today's my birthday!  Not really all that special just wanted to point it out. Don't really know what I'm gonna do.

(My birthdays March 25th by the way)


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