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blue veins and goosebumps

wonderful detail of denee :icondenee:

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This image has several layers, something in itself that I find marvelous.

1. The decision to use such a pale-skinned model was a very good one for this type of shot, not only does all the detail of the skin show in great relief, so does the detail under the skin. That includes the blue veins, the white of her knuckles, and the darker flush in the center of her chest. All of these details really hook me in as so few images give that kind of detail.

2. The application of water droplets, whether natural or arranged add significantly to the work, not only highlighting the goosebumps but the raised hairs that are the result. Most pictures of goosebumps do not capture that element as, especially with fine-skinned models such as this one, the arm hair is not obvious, even with goosebumps. The water really brings that depth to the piece with the additional detail.

3. The pose of the model is a excellent choice as well. The arms cover an uneven portion of the breasts, rather than a symmetrical coverage or a specifically more revealing coverage, both of which bespeak posing. This appears altogether more natural, which is enhanced by the detail of the piece. Add to that the uneven pressure put on the breasts, and the pressure of the hand on the arm and it is obvious that she is holding herself, rather than simply posed to appear so.

4. The context is very good as well. The image to the upper right of a small waterfall, and the general background of wet leaves and muddy ground bespeaks a story, which has always been the most engaging element for me. I can definitely see this frozen, drenched girl having just emerged from scrambling through a stream, perhaps on the run from something or someone.

All in all I consider it an excellent piece of work with exquisite detail, natural feel, and evocative context. Well done.
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thanks so much for a wonderful critique . . . greatly appreciated. . . I adore this image - definitely the best from this shoot in my view
Lovely goosebumps, great recognizable texture of skin. It is not easy to take an accent to the goosebumps and make them big! Please show us more goosebumps skin like this! ;)
beautiful image. rare and executed with panache
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thanks so much
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Speechless at those marvelous goosebumps and wonderful contrasts.
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thank you. . . I adore this image for those qualities
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Awesome pic!!! :D
DavidEMartin's avatar
Ooooooh, man..... what an incredibly tactile image !
The viewer is immediatley drawn into Denee's feelings.
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thanks a lot david - I love how this turned out
she has beautiful skin, im jealous lol
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her skin sure does look wonderful in this light
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Great use of colour and texture on the skin
andre-j's avatar
thanks so much
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Just had a very quick look through your gallery, Your model Haywire is just stunning in all aspects. Thanks for these pictures :)
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she most certainly is. . . thanks so much!
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cold weather down under!
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relatively. . . it's early spring here - about 65 - 70F, but that water was considerably cooler!
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I catched cold.
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it wasn't as cold as it looks
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I love the details, great shot
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thanks so much
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very nice job
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