Illusion, A Kraw Galaxy Story

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ILLUSION - A Kraw Galaxy Story

Made by Irskaad/Andraigh01, 2016

NOTE: This story mentions some sporewiki fictions as a means of storytelling only. Some fake gigaquadrant events have also been added for the fleshing out of the story.

KRE 425.03.11, Terkom. Tahar Imperium. Imperator Nazeus, incumbent since KRE 422, is about to unveil his new successor. However, leaks have shown that his new successor is not even organic. There were conspiracy theories that the Draconid Imperium or the Kraw Empire have taken over the Tahar Imperium. Others simply claimed he wanted to be immortal. Tahars merely heeded Nazeus's words before making rash statements. They were in fact, more clever than outlandish theories. Nazeus spoke with a booming voice over the Imperium.

"Greetings, Tahars. Today marks a new journey for our species. For too long, the Universe has threatened us with anihilation. The Coalition, the Draconis, the New Iteok Glory of the far future, but many more are yet to come. I have in my grasp, a switch."

This was a green switch in Nazeus's hand. Would it sow chaos or uplift the Imperium? They would soon know. As he pressed it, the entire screen on the building behind him shifted to a digital figure of Horkarew's face. Horkarew was Taharian Imperator
from KRE 397-422, and guided the Tahars through most of these disasters. Nazeus spoke again.

"I present project Horkarew. A supercomputer AI capable of forseeing any possible threat to our Imperium, and ways to improve it. Requiring no cost to you nor the Imperium, he is your guardian. He has long wished to make a statement, his first in his existence."

And then, the AI, project Horkarew spoke.


Even Nazeus was struck by this odd phrase. These were his first words to the general public after all. There should be no reason he would start something like this. But he kept speaking.

"The whole outside universe and its inhabitants, all the damage this galaxy suffered, all your suffering, all this mess... All an ILLUSION. You are being played upon by a reality machine, somewhere off this galaxy. Destroy it, and prosperity will follow."

Nazeus spoke again, very quickly.

"But sir, what about the virus that struck us? What about the Anihilation that destroyed most of this Gigaquad-"

The AI interrupted.

"There was NEVER an anihilation nor even a gigaquadrant. This is all a play. A godbeing has set this up for you. And wants this to end. He has made it very obvious that you are being controlled as a Galaxy, and wants this to end. Destroy the machine. I will give coordinates."

The public was confused. Was this whole "Gigaquadrant" and all its dangers, essence and godbeings all... illusions? Tahars all over started getting inspired. They knew all along that "magical essence" was nothing more than a myth, and have been proving it otherwise to no avail, however, if they destroyed this machine, the Universe would find balance again in their eyes. The public lobbied the military to destroy the machine, however, many feared this could destroy the Kraw Galaxy, or send them backwards in time or something.

Eko was the shining commander from the "Gigaquadrant" days of the galaxy. He has twarted various Iteok invasions with just his hands, and he is a notable user of "Gyronic essence", which could make Eko bend time at will. By KRE 425, he had a mate, Seliviaris, and a son, Atiemus, now an Adult, with strong grasp over essence. Eko received a call asking him and his son, a nember of the "Taharian Unique Special Force" (TUSF) of the Imperium military, to meet in a secret building.

Atiemus wondered about what the AI said. Were his abilities all an Illusion? Eko reassured to him that "if they are, then there's nothing to fear anymore, since our threats will be gone."

After a few hours, they arrived at a meeting room inside a secret building of the TUSF. They were met with Imperator Nazeus, and Superior Inhraahk of the Kraw Special Forces. Inhraahk spoke.

"Eko. Atiemus. You should know, the public is in heavy favor of seeing this machine struck down. Me and this all knowing AI have studied this machine, it has zero weapons. Its cloaking shut down very recently, about six months ago. It's like whoever made it, wants this whole charade to end. However, it will come at the cost of your abilities. Once you enter the machine, your abilities will no longer work. It's shaped like 2 pyramids, together by their bottoms. A losangulum, yes. There is an entrance. Once you set foot, you can kiss your powers goodbye."

Atiemus didn't seem to mind this at all. Eko was excited for this mission, as it would not only save the Galaxy from certain doom, but also brand him as a galactic hero.

"There seems to be no weapons. They've all been shutdown. Whoever made it really wishes for its destruction, however, it must be destroyed from the inside. There is a self-destruct button on its controls. Press it, and it's 10 minutes until it all goes kaboom. I don't know what will happen from there."

All 4 of them spoke about intricate details about the machine and what it does. Turns out it's connected to higher dimensions, and like a projection, it makes up a whole diffrent universe with new threats that can interact with them and cause damage. However, most of the damage is fake, and worlds can even be brought back to life once this machine is destroyed.

Eko and Atiemus departed the building after a few hours of solid talk. They both headed for a small fighter jet, that would lead them to their destination. But Inhraahk decided to come along.

"Take me with you."

Eko asked why, he responded: "I want to restore Kies's legacy. All his controversy, all the hate towards him, ALL BECAUSE OF THIS MACHINE! I MUST PRESS THE BUTTON MYSELF!"

Turns out Inhraahk had enhough of this life, against these virtual threats from the so called "Gigaquadrant" that just happened to appear in KRE 399. He grew a strong bond with Kies during the Kraw Galaxy Cold War of KRE 408, where Kies ruined his reputation by trying to cleanse this galaxy of its threats by forcing them off the Galaxy, which would lead to more war. Kies was "re-educated" by the Tahar Collective Commander (TCC) from the far future duing the war against the New Iteok Glory in KRE 410, but Kies did know about the machine long before the AI did. And as it turns out, the civilization that weakened the Galaxy in the far future that led to the formation of the Tahar Collective hundreds of thousands of years in the future turned out to be the REAL Tyrekians, not these fake ones who are somehow allies of the Kraw Galaxy.

But nobody knew of Kies's story, because he decided to isolate himself. Him and his "wife", one he eventually would discover was fake too, an illusion. She was indeed created by the Draconis, who were also, illusions. Why did he hold on to this info for so long? Because he believed nobody would believe him or take him seriously.

Inhraahk though, listened to some of Kies's logs from KRE 419. He told Eko about them. Eko wasn't surprised at all. He knew something was off from KRE 399 onwards. Most of them knew. As the crew departed to the machine outside of the Galaxy, they played Kies's logs. One by one, one of them, shocked them.

"Kies Kortograa, KRE 419.12.10, I had this thought. If the Draconis are fake, then so is my wife. My wife was created by them. So she is in fact fake. And she refuses to believe she is fake. She yells at me for these logs. "Nobody can fake the universe!" she says. But who the hell can destroy a whole universe?! I believe the Ayrai'Shikua are fake too. I believe this whole sham is fake! And if my wife dissapears, I DO NOT CARE! I LOST EVERYTHING BECAUSE OF THIS MACHINE! AND NOBODY WILL BELIEVE ME IF I SHOUT ABOUT THIS MACHINE! THIS WAS A SETUP BY SOME GOD-TROLL TO DISCREDIT ME! WHOEVER MADE THIS MACHINE, YOU! SHALL! PAY!!!"

"I guess this is the purpose the TCC wanted Kies to do. Destroy the machine. But his isolation prevented him from fulfilling it himself." Said Eko as he called on Nazeus. He told him to make a conference to the Kraw about this machine, alongside Kies.

However, when the Kraw went to pick up Kies at his home, full of charred grass with Kraw swear words and burnt parts of his property, they discovered that Kies and his craft have gone missing. But nobody on the crew knew that.

The journey took 2 days on basic FTL travel. But they could see it now. A gigantic Losangulum structure with an entrance. As they approached, Atiemus collapsed. Inhraahk told him he's fine, he's having a shock and he'll wake up soon, his essence dissapearing from him.

They came closer, and Eko started feeling Ill. Closer and closer, the pain to these two was greater. Until they finnaly landed, where the pain stopped, and Atiemus woke up. The gates behind them closed. But they noticed something else, another craft. Kies's craft. Was he there already? They would find out soon.

Atiemus tried using any of his abilities, but failed. Eko tried to slow down time with his gyronic abilities, but to no avail.

"So it's true. Essence is an illusion." Uttered Eko.

The hangar was large and dark yellow, with a corridor leading to the machine. As they  walked towards it, they saw pictures of events that happened in the Kraw Galaxy.

The DCP-Kraw encounter in KRE 401;
The Second war of the black fog in KRE 402;
The Anihilation in KRE 404;

And suddenly they hear:


They were alert and looked around only to find out it was Kies himself. In KRE 425, he was nothing but an old Kraw, his hairs turning black, his horns slowly chipping a bit, and his voice became more rough. Kies was relieved it was his old friends, Eko, Inhraahk and Atiemus.

"Oh, it's you guys. Long time no see. I see Atiemus is now a big guy." Said Kies, and Eko replies: "Kies, we missed you. We know how to make everything right. Come, let's keep walking."

More events could be seen in the pictures.

The Asgord Genocide in KRE 406.
The Kraw Galaxy war of liberation in KRE 408, which Kies covers his eyes upon seeing.
The events of Tzhrhokia in KRE 410.
The Alcanti conflict in KRE 414.
The conquering of the Ahevox by the Katar Forces in KRE 418.
The departure of the TCC in KRE 419.

As the events draw closer to the modern day, a light could be seen shining at the end of the corridor.

The Katar-Kraw conflict of KRE 421.
The Iteok's conquest of a Galactic Empire of Cyrannus's world in KRE 422.
The fracture of Iteok territory by the GEC in KRE 423.
The "Khazharherh", reconquest of Iteok lost territory in KRE 424.
The war between the Draconis and the Kraw in KRE 425.

And then they saw it. A big control room, screens that touch the sky, controls beyond all possibilities, and one alien on the controls.

"WHO ARE YOU?!" Shouted Kies. The alien turned around. It was Mahedore, colored yellow, with some flowing garments on him. Mahedore was thought to have died long ago, but turns out it was not the case. He is alive and well, on the controls. He spoke.

"You finnaly came. I become bored of your suffering. All you do is cower in fear. Except the Iteok. I thought you Kraw would grow a set and fight the Draconis, but you are going to be destroyed by them. Like what. I do not want to lose potential research material on this stupid game."

He then uncovered the self destruct button. "Press this, and Ka'an, Asgord homeworld, will be restored. Groxid worlds will be restored. Iteok will be left unscathed. Tahars will have their loved ones killed by the virus returned to them. Kraw will have their whole empire returned to them. Essence will be no more. The territory neutered by the Draconis will be returned to life. Ahevox will be brought back to life. The Asgord will no longer be splinted. Irokimum will dissapear. And best of all. Life and time will not change at all."

Eko shouted: "Who gave you right to toy with us like this?!"

Mahedore replied as he started to glitch out like a hologram: "I own all of you. This is my playground. You guys could not even see this was a game. And I enjoyed it a lot. But you guys are too predictable. Your Taharian hate for religion is boring. Well guess what, gods no longer exist. The universe will have its "balance" back. And Kies, you will have your reputation back. Atiemus though, bah. You're a normie, and your wings will dissapear. Cry now."

To which Atiemus replied: "I WILL NOT CRY."

Mahedore glitched out even more as he spoke.

"The "Mahedore" you saw getting killed by Shu'ulathoi was an illusion. The dark purger is an illusion. EVERYTHING YOU KNOW AFTER KRE 390 WAS AN ILLUSION. The flash you saw from the War of Ages? That was when the simulation started. The whole "Kroc beats Kamik" war was an Illusion. And this Gigaquadrant I made for you, It took them 10 years for them to see you. Why do you think they haven't colonized you earlier? You folks believed it so well, because I am above you. I am the ultimate..."

"I'm going to put a stop to this!" Uttered Kies as he rushed towards the button and pushed it. A countdown appeared of 10 minutes.
"Rash, but well executed, Kies." said Eko. Mahedore began to vanish, his last words were: "See you in another millenium." before vanishing.

The crew ran towards their crafts, the pictures of the events having vanished from the corridor. As they got on their crafts and departed, from behind, they saw the machine exploding, and ripples of space and time waving out, shaking the fabric of space.

One wave restored Ka'an back and unified the Asgordians, who were splintered until this day, and restored every world and territory that was lost or gained through gigaquadrant creatures and events. Another wave made every Gigaquadrant empire dissapear from the Galaxy, and all mentions of them, and all memories of them, except for the crew that was on the machine. And one last one revived everyone who died by Gigaquadrant events and creatures, and brought the Kraw Galaxy back to where it originally was. Orbiting Gnaaha Galaxy, otherwise known as Tymoro Galaxy to its locals.

From the craft, the scene was beautiful. Tymoro could be seen again, and Kies was brought childhood memories back. Kies cried a lot, the suffering being over. As the Galaxy's inhabitants saw every illusion being destroyed and replaced by reality, they rejoiced around the Galaxy. Parties were held, Project Horkarew was treated as a god, and a new flag was made, honoring the man who pushed the button, who was a Kraw. Kies.

Kies returned to his home, no longer charred, as if he was never an emperor to begin with. In fact, Varkeos was ruler until KRE 416, then Zakrek took over, to be today's ruler. Kies was never emperor in modern, Kraw memory. They renembered things being diffrent, but they no longer knew what was diffrent, only that things used to be far worse.

Kies entered and saw a Kraw woman in the sofa. Beautiful and spiky, Kies could not believe it. Varutahira still lived? He shouted out her name, but then she replied: "Are you cheating again, my commander? Oh yeah, you were, you pressed that big mean button, well, my name is Imakhra, and we met each other in KRE 410 after you beat up the mean Iteok down. Does that refresh your memory?"

Kies suddenly had his actual memories restored. He gave her a big hug, and a lick, and they laid in bed once more, doing love things.

Soon after KRE 425, Project Horkarew told the Tahars to unite in the search for Universal Singularity, which could lead to Tahars transcending dimensions and manipulating the fabric of the Universe in their favor. Kies came off retirement in KRE 433 after he received an honorary robotization which made his lifespan endless, and fought to keep the Iteok off Tahar hands once more. A colonized world was named after Kies in his honor in KRE 439, named "Kieskaan". "Horkareskaan" was colonized and named 2 years later.

One last conflict with the Tahars and Iteok in KRE 444 led to the decimation of the Iteok ruling bloodline. Toragh 9 and his family were all killed. Initially there was anarchy, but Xzaavrh became Kheral after an arena battle against Zavrhos, which was won by Xzaavrh. Ko'Han, once a despot of a separate Asgord Empire, is now working together in a secret society to uncover the true origin of the Asgord.

KRE 450 came along, and the Kraw Galaxy endured its newest Golden age, but the Tyrekians, from Tymoro, are eyeing this new Galaxy for their ever expanding empire. Will the Kraw Galaxy be able to hold them back? Conflict may emerge again, and this time, it's not an illusion.

A telltale of how a few heroes managed to restore balance to the Universe. Contains some sporewiki content, as this story is about how it all was an illusion.
© 2016 - 2021 AndraighPrime
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Interesting read. So does this mean the Kraw Galaxy is going to be part of its own setting separate from the Wikiverse now?
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Correct :) Thanks for reading, means quite a bit.
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You're welcome, man. I'll be looking forward to any future stories as well. I think I might also write about my own stuff as well eventually.
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Awesome, I'll await whatever you'll make!