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Zuko fire

i hate this drawing, but i'll leave it like this till i redo it..
it's just a coloured sketch, more or less...

felt like drawing him since i saw the movie.. i don't really like the movie, tho..

oh well, bad mood today...
reference here [link]

textures :iconcloaks:

see ya
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Zuko is a cross between Sagat (The scar, the rivalry between the hero) and Fei Long (Pretty much everything else)
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Never thought I'd say this... but it looks like Fei-Long from Super Street Fighter II, and Super Street Fighter IV. Just a little bit. Awesome job nonetheless. I really love your works, very different and some of them are very romantic. : )
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i don't know why you hate this; i LOVE this. and i'm not even a huge zuko fanatic
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This is wonderful! The colors, the movement, it's awesome!! :D
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omg *__* it's awesome
I love the fire. it looks really great!
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Wow! Very Cool! :iconahoyplz: Great Work!
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He looks awesome!!! ;p
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You shouldn't hate it; it's great as it is!
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This is really well drawn. It's a lovely mixture of your style and the character. I will agree the movie was a disappointment and that's all I'm gonna say. :disbelief: If I put my 2 cents worth on everything I hated you'd have a million dollars and tired eyes.
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Badass. Agreed. The movie was awful.
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Awesome. I saw your front page and was like, "ooh stylized realism!" then I saw this and went OMG fellow fan, must love +watch.
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I absolutely love this. Your art style is so original and the medium is a great fit to that. Great work. ^^
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ah may zing.

just saying. I love it. I want to be able to color like that some day. T__T
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woa! I like it! <3
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Great drawing of Zuko!
you don't like the movie, I haven't seen it yet, but I saw the trailers and I don't like them
talking again of your work, I can only say: you are a great artist!
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Hm... for some reason I really like the hair o.o ... it looks a bit fluffy and sketchy ~

Haha, the pose is awesome too!!! *felt a bit weird when only commenting the hair when he had such a difficult pose, but still looked natural*
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