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yup. tom & jerry characters as human beings.

left to right: meathead/lighting, butch, thomas 'tom' cat, jerry mouse (i hate him.), tyke and spike, the dogs. :D :heart:

i woke up this morning, turned on my tv and tom & jerry was on. so i thought "oh, my, i loved this show so much when i was a kid! they'd be so cool if they were huma-.. hey! :D" so i got to work. i barely made this, cause my mom's fucking my brains with "clean you room. now. and stop acting like a brat. "

so, between cleaning, pms issues and everybody fucking my guts out, i've made this.

i am extremely busy, so i won't be replying too soon. but i definitely will. you know i always do. :D

well, enjoy my crapsterpiece and my crazy "tom & jerry go humans" ideas.

i'll be making more of them soon, cause i'm pretty excited about it. :D

*(i love butch from the bottom of my cold heart. he's such a charmer, what can i say. :shrug: :heart: )

i know they don't exactly look like them, but this is how i think they look.. :shrug:


enjoy and see ya later! :heart:
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Butch looks like Murdoc Niccals.