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So I finished the thumbnails for Chapter 5 of my comic. That may not sound like much, but this is actually a first for me. For the previous chapters, I never had a complete script and never more than a few pages thumbnailed in advance. Also my thumbnails were tiny two-inch high doodle blobs with no dialogue. When drawing the actual pages I had a lot of delays where I would get stuck on a scene or piece of dialogue or a layout. Now for this chapter I drew each thumbnail the size of a half sheet of printer paper — big enough to write all the dialogue in. So this serves as the script as well. You can see a blurry photo on my my tumblr post, including the page that was partially eaten by my cat. :D

I had thought this was going to be an absolute monster of a chapter. There was a lot to fit in, and I wondered if I'd have to split it into two chapters to keep it from getting too ridiculously long. But after thumbnailing everything it came down to around 66 pages, more than 10 pages shorter than Chapter 3 (the longest chapter so far).

I have to say, I'm super excited for this chapter. My hope is that with the whole thing more or less laid out in advance I can be a bit more efficient when drawing the actual pages. My plan right now is to start updating before the end of February.

A lot of people have been commenting lately about the comic. I really appreciate it. I figured a status update was in order.
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Ooh, cobwebs

3 min read
Been neglecting my DA account for a bit. I actually have a backlog of art-y things I've been posting on my art and doodles tumblr, and I'm afraid I will probably start spamming you with some of these soon. A lot of dopey fanart (I'm on a bit of a Song of Ice and Fire/Game of Thrones kick at the moment), but a few things from my comic as well. No, No Rest is not dead (even if it's starting to smell a bit. :P) I'm always surprised by the number of people who still ask about it after all this time! Thank you. All I'll say for the moment is that Chapter 5 finally seems to be taking real shape. Now if I could just fix the stupid website. :P

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tidying up

2 min read
I recently deleted over nine hundred deviations from my deviantwatch.  I had kinda been letting them pile up more and more, to the point where I realized I was never going to be able to go through all of them anymore.  A new year is time for a fresh start!  It should take me at least four years to accumulate that many again. ^^;

A helpful deviant recently alerted me to my first ever case of art plagiarism!  You can see a screencap here -- the "artist" in question basically did a hack job of cutting Tutu out of my piece here, and pasting her on a white background along with a similarly badly extracted Fakir, drawn by some artist I've yet to identify.  What I find the most hilarious is that they tried to pass this off as a single piece drawn by a single original artist, when Tutu and Fakir are drawn in completely different styles. XD  I censored the person's username because they took down the piece already, so no point in stirring up more wank, but I still found it too amusing not to share.  Also check out their response to being caught:

My comment: Hi there! I'm the artist of one of the pieces you plagiarized to make this. This is to let you know that I fully intend to report this to DeviantArt. But before I do that, I figured I'd give you a fair chance to take it down of your own free will.

Their reply: ...huh? oh.

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1 min read
I guess I need to update this, seeing as it's been like a year and a half since the last journal post and the old one was getting moldy.

Um, let's see... in 2007 I bought a buttload of Copic markers.  These days I'm rarely in the mood for CGing, so most of the color pieces I've been doing have been in markers.  It's actually really fun, and not as hard on the wrists/fingers as colored pencils.  But I still haven't tried doing any real complex backgrounds with marker; I'm too intimidated by the lack of an undo button.  Hmm... come to think of it, I have a bunch of No Rest marker pieces that I haven't even bothered uploading.  I'm so lazy. :/

I can't think of anything else to say here.  Um, new art soon?

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It lives...?

1 min read
Wow, now that v5 has been launched I should probably write something new in this stupid journal; the last entry was me complaining about the just-launched v4... two years ago. :P

Well, first off, a big thank you to everyone who's been commenting, +faving and watching my stuff.  I'm pretty crappy at replying to comments but I read every one, and they're very much appreciated.

In case you missed this, :iconspikensanzolvr: and :iconhep-kitten: have formed a club for people to post No Rest For The Wicked fanworks.  Go check it out, contribute, etc. :iconfor-the-wicked-fanz:
Please take note, though, that if you want me to post your fanart on the actual comic website, you should either email me or send me a deviant note.

And I seem to have joined the following dA clubs:
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