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I recently deleted over nine hundred deviations from my deviantwatch.  I had kinda been letting them pile up more and more, to the point where I realized I was never going to be able to go through all of them anymore.  A new year is time for a fresh start!  It should take me at least four years to accumulate that many again. ^^;

A helpful deviant recently alerted me to my first ever case of art plagiarism!  You can see a screencap here -- the "artist" in question basically did a hack job of cutting Tutu out of my piece here, and pasting her on a white background along with a similarly badly extracted Fakir, drawn by some artist I've yet to identify.  What I find the most hilarious is that they tried to pass this off as a single piece drawn by a single original artist, when Tutu and Fakir are drawn in completely different styles. XD  I censored the person's username because they took down the piece already, so no point in stirring up more wank, but I still found it too amusing not to share.  Also check out their response to being caught:

My comment: Hi there! I'm the artist of one of the pieces you plagiarized to make this. This is to let you know that I fully intend to report this to DeviantArt. But before I do that, I figured I'd give you a fair chance to take it down of your own free will.

Their reply: ...huh? oh.

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I sorry you work got stolen. You art so pretty but if they really loved it they shouldn't steal it.
If make you feel better I had a art thieve directly link to art on my site and than lie to my face say that they drew and I was the thief. (I fixed her/his wagons) I not only reported it I change the image so that I point out how I felt about the little thief *Evil laugh* Your defiantly a better person than me trying to politely talk to you thief.