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Given that Rue/Mytho is my otp I felt obligated to participate in :iconruetho-week: ...but I really don't think I'm going to be able to fill all the prompts. -_-;;

This is for the prompt "Stage". If Princess Tutu was a stage production, this is how I picture the curtain call. (Fakir and Ahiru would take their bows last.) These two totally brought the house down and somebody handed Rue a bouquet of flowers because she was so awesome.

I thought I'd try the same style I used for that Masako pic on something more complicated. I ended up taking three times as long to do the little flat background figures as I did to do the main couple.

Tumblr [link]
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Lovelyyyy~! Wonderful job, and it works perfectly!
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wonderful artwork.
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I love this pairing too, and you drew them wonderfully here. And lots of love for the background characters. Absolutely no trouble telling who each of them were, even without faces. ^_^
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Very nice :) Just like something out of a children's fairy tale picture book. I like the contrast where you have detailed shading in their hair, the rose bouquet and her gown, whereas large slabs of color are used for the wooden floor and the rest of their outfits. Her gown is reminds me of Jennifer Conelly's get up in Labyrinth.

I recognize the cat teacher and edel (?) but the rest of the gang behind them, not so much. :D
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This is awesome! It reminds me of acrylic paintings. ^^
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This fills me with the warm fuzzies! I'd love to see this series done as a stage production. :heart:
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That's gorgeous! :)
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Cool idea, and I love how you painted this with no lines.
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This is so amazing and lovely, I love it. Great job ;o;
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That is a really great idea and this is so lovely. :D I like how Rue and Mytho are the only ones with facial details. ^_^
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This is beautiful! Lovely stylization.
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What a great idea, and one I haven't really seen done for a fanart. It's perfect for Princess Tutu! <33
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I really like it! Just so beautiful!
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Awww, how lovely!
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Very awesome piece. I like the idea behind it, too.
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I saw the thumbnail for this, and it was INSTANT love. Seeing the full thing is even better. I love the stylistic choice, the body language, everything. <3 I always loev your work, but I'm especially tickled whenever you draw Princess Tutu art, as it my favorite series ever. <3

(I like this pairing a lot myself. <3)
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