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Concept - Through The Gate

Just a concept painting... with the crooked lines. :) It's time to think about some 3d-reference in future.

Okay, I hope you like it and thank you much for watching.

p.s.: recommendations: it's much better lookin in dark rooms on the LCD monitors. ;P
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This is a beautiful scene
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Your artwork is stunning. Please keep doing what you do.
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I've always thought this was absolutely gorgeous! I thought you'd like to know I credited it with a linkback as inspiration for my description of a permanent wormhole transit station in my Mass Effect-related fanfic, here: [link].
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OK i'm this an Ori supper gate?and if so isn't it kinda dumb for those ships to be right in front of it wile its activating?looks nice btw .
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Added -
Varieties of SF Experience | [link]
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Hi I'm just wondering if I could use this image for a little rpg project I'm working. I won't make any money from it and I can't pay you for it but I would really appreciate if I could use it.
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Love it :D

It looks a bit like a supergate in Stargate ([link])
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You've been featured here [link]
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Your amazing work has been feature here --> [link]
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Am I a bad person for imediatly thinking of the Ori Supergate
can u pl give the tutorial for this.... its simply amazing!
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that looks like one of the Super Stargates
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spectacular concept for a COSMIC GATE
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Hey, this is the Super Stargate from Stargate SG-1 season 10, last chapter.
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I take it someone saw the episode of SG-1 with the Ori Supergate? Either way, this is amazing.
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Awesome Awesome Sweet and just plain Jaw Dropping and Eye staring Art I have seen (From a few others too ut oh well) Great job man ^^
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Looks like a supergate from Stargate. Awesome concept. :D
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