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Wild Dog

By Andoledius
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Based on the story "Wild dog" From the book "Strange tales from a Chinese Studio" :)



You can now buy it as a t-shirt on threadless! :)

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Finally find the original author of this art. It is everywhere like the plague!! Consider yourself watched friend
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Thanks man! Yeah this piece has certainly spread around - its tough keeping track of it (and trying to figure out who is trying to sell it!). 

I appreciate the support!
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just wanted to make you aware if you didn’t already know, this account is trying to sell a lot of art on shirts and wanted to make you aware if you weren’t already.
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Thank you! This particular individual seems to be consistently reposting stolen content in order to try and sell it....it is a huge pain in the butt, here's hoping one day they will stop after I report them so many times. Nonetheless, i'm really happy you are letting me know since it becomes incredibly difficult to keep track of these things. Thank you!
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Here too:


I have to constantly check these damn wolf pages on IG and FB, because the moment something is reported and removed, they just relist it. I've sent in at least 100 reports since the beginning of this year alone. :( 
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Oh my goodness, its basically your part time job, too. So sorry. :( I don't know how they arent banned. the content was taken down and I mentioned that they kept reposting it, so hopefully a ban is coming soon.
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Both IG and FB (IG's parent company) get money from these shops paying them to promote their ads, so the last thing IG/FB want to do is shut them down, no matter how many times they're reported. They just remove the individual images in question, and ONLY if the artist or their agent contacts them about it directly. I can't report something on your behalf, for instance, or else I would. I see my friends' art stolen all the time, and I tell them whenever I find it, but many times the artists just seem to give up, because there's simply so many to report, and they don't have the time and energy, which I totally understand. I wish I could be a agent for all of them and do this for them, because I'm on disability and do have the time...also, I know how it feels: drive.google.com/drive/folders… :(
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of course, I'm glad i could bring it to you're attention
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Did you know this was being used as an album cover for this kinda less well known musician/rapper? itunes.apple.com/au/album/phan…
I've been trying to find the original artist for a while now but somehow it was difficult because of the cropping used on that image 
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Yes! They licensed this a few years back for their album cover. =) It is most often stolen for album covers however, so I am really thankful you brought it to my attention! :heart: 

It is quite upsetting that they are not properly crediting me, however. I will send them an email about that.
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Indeed it was! The irony is that they have an "Accredited business" logo at the bottom of their page. time to send another email...

Thank you for bringing this to my attention. :heart:
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yikes...thank you for letting me know! Time for another email. :( 
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Ugh! thank you. :( (Sad)  I think this is the second time they've stolen the design. They probably just reuploaded it after I made the website take it down. Sigh...
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Most likely, yes. Seems they wait a little, and then repost it, hoping we artists won't notice, but I tend to check their pages at least once a month. I'll let you know if I find any new ones.
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:heart: :heart: I appreciate your commitment to shutting them down. I'm going to have to continue checking myself, as its just become so ridiculous. 
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Glad to help; I'll keep my eyes open...and so sorry this keeps happening to you (I know how it feels). :( And if you're on FB, I would also suggest reporting the images there as well; they are generally quick to remove them.
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This is GORGEOUS I just bought the phone case version of this like a couple days ago and I happened to stumble across it here on Deviantart!!! I'm so super excited to get my case aaaa I love this design so much, you've done a very nice job <3
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Oh my gosh, Isn't this the image used for Sadistik's new album?!
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This is absolutely fantastic! Congrats to you!
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This is so well drawn. I lopve the texture you used
Perhaps it would look super good as a tattoo
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