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DeviantART really should reorganized its submission categories. I hate having to pick either "digital" or "traditional", what if it was done with both? Sigh.

This is an editorial assignment for an article pertaining to the left-handed public (of which I happen to be a part of).

This was done with ink and photoshop. Getting better and better at mixing the two ;)
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I'm very glad you like it!! I don't get a lot of feedback on this piece anymore, so i'm very thrilled to hear someone is excited and appreciates it. =) Thank you!
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Athough I'm not left-handed, I've always prided myself on relating to others. Something like being left-handed might seem insignificant to righties, but there really are a lot of things that we take for granted. My favorite anecdote in regards to this is the fact that the word "dexterous" used to be used an alternative for right-handed, while "sinister" was an alternative for left-handed. Left-handed people were "touched by the devil" or represented some other kind of evil in some cultures. I don't know if that was on your mind with the black, writhing tendril around the arm, but it certainly struck that chord for me. The hand seems to be burdened and struggling against that, but I believe the tendril represents more the hardships left-handed people have dealt with.
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this illustration means a lot to me.
Thank you!
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Not at all! I'm honored you are able to connect with it so much. =)
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It has a rather dynamic feel to it.
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I have noticed some of the great artists were left-handed, Leonardo, Michelangelo, Rubens, Albrecht Durer & my personal favorite, my mom ;p
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That's awesome that your mom is a lefty, and an artist! =)
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I have a deviation that is both digital and traditional too, I drew the clouds in pencil. It's called "Sindred Digital" even though the clouds are in pencil.
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This is well done and striking. The left handed people don't get enough credit for dealing with all the righties...XD
thanks for sharing this. It's lovely.
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there is a mixed media category...
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Awesome artwork.
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hehe.. being left handed myself, i didn't even notice anything "not normal" until i read the description..

i love that black thing that's going on there. great job with the ink
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Please accept submission of this piece to :iconhandsclub: You will find it in your messages (might be older ones).
It will make a great addition to our group gallery.
Make sure You visit us, best regards!
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Very nice work!
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I think I told before: I LOVE THIS! :heart:
Need to fav it!
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Weell, since this is lovely and you're left-handed, could I invite you to join :iconlefthandedartists: ? We'd love to have you!

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interesting point of view...
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