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+Octopus. Dreams.+

See that octopus on the lamp? yeah, thats lemons. Hes my new character :3 hes a sky octopus, in his own little dreamland water world <3

i had trouble with making these clouds as the backround...theres just so many x__x; but it was fun testing my skills as an artist. And....for everyone who said make the backround BEFORE you start coloring, your right. Im going to have to do this more often...since the result is so much better than coloring first <3

what else can i say....hmm....not much, but im hoping everyone enjoys this picture :D

╔ 10+ hours of work
º I think my eyesight got worse Dx

Lemons+Artwork Copyrighted to me ( =Andoledius )

Edit: yeah....i spelt octopus wrong in the title 8D; silly me.
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© 2005 - 2021 Andoledius
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Simple but beautiful~
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Flying sushi? :dance: That's my kinda world!
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nice work i love it :)
check out my Octopus & vote if you like it :D
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this is very cute!
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This is a knockout.
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Should that octopus be that close to a flame?
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The lighting and textures look absolutely amazing, I bet you spent a ridiculous amount of hours on it. :)
Lemons is adorable, I think I'll have to take a stroll through your gallery. <3
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This was my desktop background for like... 5 years. AMAZING
love this one to peices
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Thanks!! this is definitely one of my favorite older pieces, and definitely helped me realize my potential as an artist :) I'm glad you enjoy it too! =D
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This has an open, airy feel to it! Quite lovely, reminds me of finding cloud shapes in the sky!
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awww, Lemons looks so dapper! C:
I love how you can see the lamps extending all the way back, that's a really nice touch~!
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It's very beautifull. I like colors and octopus (and sushi too :D) :dummy:
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very good picure!!

please vist my gallery [link]
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Ohhhhh :heart: There are not words, this is a miracle :D
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Very ingenius ;O luv it (=
this is so dreamy and lovely.
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I like how lemons dreams of water.I dreamt of octopi!I wonder what allt hese octopus dreams mean?
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Ohh myyy gooosh.
This is beautiful.
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This octopus picture is so amazing! I love it!

My favorite part is the colors, mostly pastels which make it so peaceful and serene (though if I swam by some sushi I don't know how I would feel).

The octopus is great, love the swirls and such.
I'm looking for some octopi inspiriation and DeviantArt was the perfect place to come! (:

P.S. I favorited!
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wow, this is just amazing

*is at a loss for words*
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Oh my gosh! I just love this!!
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