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Enemies Abound
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© 2009 - 2019 Andoledius
Some basic minions for that mock-video game with the headless guy :) [link]

They dont do much, except run for their lives.

Concept and design (c) to *Andoledius 09 :)
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Comments (42)
anthonynemer's avatar
anthonynemer|Hobbyist Digital Artist
This is awesome :)
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Gas-maskTeddy's avatar
So quirky and creative.
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Tiamut-wing64's avatar
They're so cute! :)
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ageshero's avatar
These are absolutely amazing.
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Yorous's avatar
It's really beautiful, would not mind have the courire everywhere ^ ^
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iSmacZobiees's avatar
iSmacZobiees|Hobbyist Digital Artist
These make me laugh.... :)
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IceyRiceyChunks's avatar
Awesome style. Love the bottom two.
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laurene135's avatar
laurene135|Hobbyist General Artist
Very fun! I personally enjoy the one in the lower right-hand corner the most, but they all have a punch of personality!
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hanashippanashi's avatar
awsomw :) want to meet them ^^
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The-dogs-of-hell's avatar
these are great, such character. I'm trying to get into video game art, so i will definitely be keeping a close eye one you missy!
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SofieGraham's avatar
SofieGraham|Hobbyist Digital Artist
very cool designs and nice subtle textuures!
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artisticpsycho87's avatar
some dope characters! :D
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JaimeDL's avatar
I'm loving these designs. Great work.
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Umbie's avatar
They remind me of Okami so much <3
Great job :3
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Areebee's avatar
Areebee|Hobbyist General Artist
I love the design of the clothing! The blue guy is my favorite.
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rincharmie's avatar
rincharmie|Professional Digital Artist
So gorgeous!! ;__;
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KKartistsitz's avatar
KKartistsitz|Hobbyist Traditional Artist
Chiz i love ur art!!
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PsiGooberFish's avatar
PsiGooberFish|Student Traditional Artist
We Are Reading a Steady Detection of AWESOME!!!
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agaillard's avatar
agaillard|Professional Digital Artist
something midna, i like it :D
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GingerJuju's avatar
GingerJuju|Student Digital Artist
Good job! I'm really digging their design.

They sort of remind me of the germs from Osmosis Jones, ever so slightly.
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kiri-no-tanuki's avatar
They're adorablleeee.

But ohgod I think that hand-shaped monster/enemy is my fave out of them all. It fits a little awkwardly with the rest of them though (I blame the lack of itty bitty point feet) but maybe if the ends of the fingers tapered to claws or something ridiculous like that to keep with the blob-supported-by-tiny-limbs feel the rest of them have?
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SamKablam's avatar
Wow! The textures for these characters are so amazing! Plus the way you drew/describe them, I really see a lot of character in them, even if they are terrified enemies!
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idiacanthus's avatar
Whoa, nice designs! I really like how you incorporated the different themes into each one...That ivy-looking one is pretty great :'D. Nice job making them look pathetic, too; I can totally envision how they might scurry about! Ehee, and little floating brains~
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Beetlebot's avatar
Beetlebot|Student Digital Artist
Omg, I love the two blue ones in the middle. :heart:

It'd be really cool if you did make a game with these monsters!
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anonymous's avatar
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