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Twilight Sparkle Hears You

What was that? Twilight thinks she heard you say something. Her equine hearing can be pretty sharp, so keeping anything from her can be tricky. Not to mention she is always curious. However, judging by that expression, I'm sure whatever you said is no cause for alarm or an offense. :nod:

Traced from My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic Season 9 Episode 9, "Sweet and Smoky."

My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic created by Lauren Faust and owned by Hasbro…

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oh no she must have heard that i have a big crush on her 😳

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Wait, she heard me saying I love her? Oh, crumbs. I hope she says something nice back.

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Twilight Sparkle is my favourite character, and I Love Her Heart Love 
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"May it please Your Royal Highness,

Is it true that since Luna is retiring, you are now also able to enter others' dreams? If so, I've seen you in mine recently and I'd like to thank you for saving me from that nightmare I had. You nonetheless truly deserve your title as a national hero and as a ruler of Equestria.

I have the honor to be, Madam, Your Royal Highness's humble and obedient servant,


Is this the proper formatting when addressing royalty?

Also, why is it a fandom consensus that ponies have better hearing? Is it the shape of their ears, analogous to how we humans gain better hearing when we cup our hands and sort of extend our ears?

Twilight is the cutest alicorn princess I know.

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Awesome job. Sent you a note.
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You can hear me? In that case, I want you to know that I identify with you personally. You are a huge inspiration to me and an excellent role model. I just wish I could make as big a difference as you.
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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Ecstasy Coquettish Coy: Aww, thank you very much. That's very sweet of you. I try to inspire everypony and non pony creature so that they too can make a big difference. Thank you for believing in me, and seeing me as your inspiration.

I know what you mean. Twilight really is a huge inspiration. And to be honest, I wish I could make as big a difference as she does. There are times when I feel like I never made an impact on anyone's lives, especially here on DeviantArt. Like I'm nothing but dead weight, or I'm just useless. And if I ever did make a difference it would be a negative one, and not a positive. :( (Sad) 
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I was how cute and sexy you are twi you have cute butt
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MLP Emote Twilight Sparkle Ecstasy Coquettish Coy: Uh... okay? *giggles*
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Twilight's posture and expression here is simple, yet undeniably cute. :heart: 

And I bet she's surprised and pleased after I said aloud just how valuable and lovable of a pony she is, and how I'm
looking forward to her coronation in the season 9 finale. :D 
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It sure is. Nod Love Heart 

Twilight Sparkle (yes) plz: I am. Thank you for being a true friend. And thank you again. I feel like I'm ready, but I know that I wouldn't be at all if weren't for my very best friends, including you, Andrew, Casey, Callum, Nick, Marianna, and Lucy.
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I didn’t say anything. I’m crying if anything 
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