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Welcome fellow deviants

Welcome to the very first edition of "the super awesome weekly feature" Every Sunday I will present to you the deviant spoils of the week. (Yes, I know I'm a bit ahead of schedule, but I couldn't wait.). Please check out these awesome features, and give them the attention they deserve. Please read the text as well, it's not that much, I know you can do it.

And now for the features of the week

The latest from friends

In this section I will feature some of the work, of the people on my watch list. They're a selected few, so please check out the awesomeness they present. Since this is the first edition of "the super awesome weekly feature", I will present my favourites from their galleries. In the future, I will present what they've been up to the last week. This means, that for me to have some work to feature, I will need more people to watch. I will therefore check out everyone that comments on this journal, and if I like what I see, they will be added to my watch list and featured in the next edition. So please do comment, I need more work in my inbox

Watchlist Feature

Leaving Veceta by KennethJensen Creation by vorno 2 wallpaper by liransz

On Melancholy Hill 1 by kakeboksen Sony Ericsson W902 by robin882 Song For The Deaf by alesfuck

Are You Listening to Me?? by daisyj201 :thumb187062007: Limbo by lost-exile

Website cafe restaurant by D72 Quick mock up 4 by datamouse

Fly by SimonWeaner   Sweet Princess by cubiedk   Crime Scene - Funny Games by joakimheltne

Deviant of the week

This section features a deviant, that has captured my interest and stand out in the field of they're work. Please check them out, they have a pretty amazing gallery, and is worthy a watch. Some of them even provide great resources for you to use, for free., like the Deviant of this week

Deviant of the week: ~rachaelpage

rachaelpage joined DeviantART this week, and has already submitted some clean and amazing stocks for fellow deviants to artify. The stocks are of such quality, I'm really surprised they're intended as stocks. Great modelling combined with great photographic execution, makes her stock easy to use, and very interesting. I'm looking forward to seeing more from her, and the amazing work people will produce, using her already amazing stock shots.

From the artist's profile:"I am new to Digital Art and wanting to learn photo manipulations so if you know of any great tutorials for photoshop CS3 which i am also new too please let me know. I am also a model and would like my images manipulating and links sending on here so i can see the work, please feel free to as i will load on my stock photos for your use. I really want to see some amazing digital art"

Please take the time to check her out.

Thank you for Viewing

If you'd like these "super awesome weekly features" of major inspiration and awe, in your inbox every week, feel free to add me to your watch list. I will add RSS subscription if possible, but I have to figure out how first. If you know how, please comment with the much appreciated answer to this riddle. Have a pleasant day, evening or even night. I'll see you next week

Helpfull Articles

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Winter is upon us

Actually, in my case, I'm already standing knee-deep in it. That's the hard truth when you live in a country like Norway, it's just bloody cold sometimes. I'm not exaggerating, I mean literally bloody cold; blood is actually gushing out of my pores, when I pop my head outside the door. To celebrate these blood gushing conditions, we all have come to love so much, I made you guys a winter feature.

Now hesitate the urge to scroll down just yet, or you will miss the best part! As winter is here, we are approaching the holiday when we celebrate the birthday of a very popular dude; Ricky Martin. Fun fact: It's also the birthday of the highly debated celebrity, but celebrity nonetheless; Jesus Christ! Anyway, I recently made acquaintance with the guy in charge of gift giving; Santa Claus. He hasn't been very active the past years, due to new interests, that's why your parents and friends had to provide the gifts recently, but he's thinking of getting back in the game. If you like, you can add your gift request in a comment below, and I'll haggle with him, hopefully making it come true. I can't promise anything though, but it's worth a shot!

Now you can look at the wonderful features of winter, enjoy!

Winter Features

Winter Kills by IMustBeDead Winter Berries by Rubberduckie-x Winter Masquerade by Tophat-Ninja
Goodmorning Winter by teratini Swedish winter birds 3 by Belazikkal Immortal Winter 4 by MinLynn
Winter by MateuszPisarski winter I by cHRSarts :thumb187766887:
The Winter Shine by Jason-Little :thumb187789703: Trecking in Winter by The-Tadpole
Winter Sun by scarper493 :thumb187917662: winter by ericjones
Winter by alexisdanielle :thumb188009597: Winter IV by Meallyn
winter postcard by liransz

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6 min read

Life Changing Decision

Well, I don't know if it classifies as life changing, but nevertheless I have decided to start commenting regularly on the people I watch. I realize, I've been kind of sloppy the past five years and it's time to catch up the slack. So friends and other people on the other side of my eyes; beware! Because you might just get a comment, and it may come at the most inappropriate time, like when you're sitting on the toilet, or when you're playing with your noble parts, but don't worry, you can always read it later.


And now for the grungy part, here are this months feature. Enjoy!

grunge by winstonsofistike Grunge It by Anstellos Grunge by ideea
grunge by infernosam grunge by jessmarie Grunge Is Back by Onceuponatime13
grunge by justaye Grunge by LindseyWArt Grunge by RebekaPhotography
Grunge by theflickerees Grunge by blonde-thinking Grunge by YourEgo

This design was coded by kuschelirmel-stock and edited by me to fit my groove. The wonderful stock textures I used for header and footer comes from Sanami276. Be shure to check them both out.
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5 min read
Empathy Contest

Before I present you with the wonderful artwork in this feature, I must mention a simply awesome contest in the group:
The theme is Empathy and you may submit new deviations as well as old and dusty ones. The prices includes one year, six months and three months premium membership for the the first, second and third price, 2000 points for the most extensive work, and three month premium for the peoples choice award, as well as various features for all winners. The deadline is September 26th, so be sure to pop in an entry. You can read more about this contest here:… Contest entries can be viewed here:…

Photo manipulations with a deeper meaning

Give some attention to these great photo manipulations. They were all chosen for their great artistic value, as well as their ability to visually express a message behind the artwork.

Sex Drugs and Oil by TanteAgatha Obamadrama by Allebandro Pieces of Gray by CharleneApril
Broken Angel by nikkidoodlesx3 :thumb176876190:
heart by s-a-m-e-t :thumb179266341:
J'aime la Terre by Viviane-Sea capitalism by ConnorGutman a part of create my world by Ajraan

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7 min read

Caring Art

Guess what? No! not cake, but group. I want to tell you about a group. The group's main purpose, is for deviants like yourself, to share your opinions trough art. It is also a good opportunity to get your artwork "out there" for people to see, comment on and get inspired off. Caring Art is a growing community for everyone who make art with a message behind it, to support a cause or shed some light on society's flaws. Together we shed a brighter light, so join in and share the fun, the serious, and your art.

Caring art s currently in the starting phase and we're looking for motivated:
:bulletorange: Members
:bulletorange: Contributors
:bulletorange: Co-founder*

*To apply for Co-founder, note me with the following:
:bulletgreen: Name
:bulletgreen: Age
:bulletgreen: Country
:bulletgreen: Why you want to be a Co-founder

#CaringArt Monthly Contest

Show the world what you care about

It's time to kick off with #CaringArt's first monthly contest. What better way to show the world what you care about than to win the awesome CaringArt monthly contest?

The winner will have their entry displayed for one month, at prime position in the group.


:bulletorange: Any form of art is accepted
:bulletorange: Only new submissions will be accepted
:bulletorange: The artwork must support a cause
:bulletorange: Multiple deviations may be entered
:bulletorange: Members may enter as well as contributors


:pointr: 20th Jan. 2010

:iconmyrloenn: :iconvorno:

Good Luck everyone
- #CaringArt Staff

Features from #CaringArt
designed and coded by LeMex
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The super awesome weekly feature no.1 by Myrloenn, journal

Bloody Winter by Myrloenn, journal

Grunge October by Myrloenn, journal

Deeper meaning, September by Myrloenn, journal

Caring Art by Myrloenn, journal