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Name: Hayden Lykke Søgaard
Age: 22
Gender: Female
Height: 4'9"

Species: Human - Variant
Alignment: Mercenary

Personality: Frigid can be the best way to describe her. While she takes on a tough, stoic attitude, Hayden is a quiet and reclusive girl. She has a difficult time relating to others- and given her poor social skills- she can come off as a bit awkward and standoffish, often even shy. Conversations with Hayden rarely last long if she can't avoid them entirely. If uncomfortable, she has no qualms with simply getting up and leaving without a word. For the sake of professionalism, she treats others politely, but her volatile temper tends to make her patience very limited. Her default expression and demeanor is typically bland and cold.

To make up for her lack of social skills, Hayden is extremely intelligent. She has near photographic memory and usually spends her free time with her nose buried in various medical books. Despite her perpetually cold shoulder, Hayden seems to have a maternal and nurturing side to her. This mostly shows in her soft spot for children, and her fierce loyalty towards those that she considers her friends or family. While she is by no means willing to trust easily, once it's there, it definitely shows.

It doesn't often show, but Hayden does have a lot of inner conflict that she mostly keeps to herself. She has a bad habit of internalizing things until she bursts, and despite her intelligence, Hayden is not mentally stable by any means. She's prone to depressive spells, anxiety, and dissociating. She absolutely hates being touched and it can almost be considered a phobia. She also struggles with severe insomnia and often turns to the bottle or violence to blow off some steam. Her only healthy outlet seems to be the piano.


-Premonition/Sight: While it's shaky, Hayden's strongest ability is her foresight. She can see glimpses of the future at random, as well as being able to see otherworldly beings, ghosts included. 
-High mental power/energy: This is mostly triggered by emotional distress. When highly stressed or emotional, inanimate objects around her shake, move, and sometimes even shatter if fragile. Sometimes lights can even flicker.
-Although not a super power, Hayden has extremely good aim and is a talented sharpshooter. She works the best with snipers and from long distance.

-Her Premonition cannot be called at-will. It mostly happens at random, and the visions are not very vivid and are mostly vague. She can only sometimes have clear visions.
-If she's too distressed for too long to the point of using a lot of energy, she can easily become overexerted and this can result in bleeding and weakness. Pushing it too far can even result in hemorrhaging.
-While she's a remarkable sharpshooter, Hayden's hand-to-hand combat isn't the best and she's somewhat physically weak. She is also very obviously small. She can be easily overpowered if she cannot knock her opponent over and put some distance between them first.
-She's still considered humanoid. She is vulnerable to gunshot wounds, stabbing, electric shock, etc. She also cannot swim at all.

-On top of her mercenary job, she works as a back-alley doctor and plays piano at Riggan's bar
-She got her scar from a laceration after being hit with a blunt object during a mission
-She has two tattoos: red flowers and vines extending from her forearm up to the side of her neck, and a small bundle of pink flowers on her thigh
-Icelandic is her native language, but she is also fluent in Danish and English
-She loves Korean and Thai food
-She has a Bernese Mountain Dog named Mercy
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