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In Azkaban

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Here's another for Methods of Rationality. I started it in January, then dropped it until this weekend when I decided none of it was salvageable and redrew the whole thing. I still hate it, but I am putting it up so I can pretend it's done. I might revisit it and actually use reference instead of going "no I totally understand how anatomy works it'll be fine". Ridiculous.

Let's call it chapter 55, with quite a lot of artistic license and stoic crying.
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Спасибо за работу! Замечательно выполнена.
З.Ы. ярый фанат ГПиМРМ
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I love it quite a lot but yeah, I would enjoy the art of the Patronus itself a bit more if it were a tad more non-descript, kind of just a blank being. I guess I imagined something like 'Truth' from Fullmetal Alchemist: Brotherhood"
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That's pretty epic.
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I think it'd be better if Harry's face was totally cast into shadow.  The Patronus reminds me of Doctor Manhattan too.

Anyway, I like it well enough overall.
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I love the chiaroscuro and the light/dark dualism for Harry's figure. The patronus' glowing eyes make it seem slightly more comic-book-like (reminds me of some Sentinel renditions), but the story's concept carries through beautifully here.
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Amazing! *0*
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I'm not going to bother pretending to understand how anatomy works, I just know I like this. The glow from the eyes/face, the shadow it casts on Harry as a result, the background cells....yea, I definitely like this :) 
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