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Toy Animatronic Cosplays FINISHED!

If you wanted to see how Toy Chica turned out, you can go watch this video (Or skip to 7:25):…
Hey guys! I'm finally back from my cosplay hiatus I didn't even tell you guys I was going on! XD
I have so much to say! First of all, oh thank God I'm done! These guys were such a pain! I'm not sure if I explained this before, but I only 100% made Toy Bonnie! My roommate did most of the leg work on Toy Freddy while I showed her how and gave her tips. And my younger sister did most of Toy Chica, while I showed her how (and did all the the hard stuff). We sadly didn't get a better picture because shortly after this photo, Toy Bonnie's arm ripped open and was completely unfixable at the time. Not only that, but my roommate decided she hated wearing suits (she can't take the heat, it was 80 degrees or so, and only early morning).

In other words, our cosplays kind of fell apart. Bonnie's arms were the main issue on him. Toy Freddy couldn't take the heat, and Toy Chica surprisingly survived for a few hours at the con. But don't worry, we still had lots of fun, and I got a great video coming for it! Plus, now that there aren't any ridiculous deadlines, I'm going to be fixing these guys as best as I can, and prepping them for another con in October! 

I will be posting more pictures! :)

Oh, and by the way, the eyes look dull because of the lighting. 
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Nightmarebonniegam's avatar
Awesome 😎 the characters look amazing I’m gonna try to make a spring bonnie suit like you did
CandyTheCatBR's avatar

you two could do a candy the cat cosplay and send to me

KingWonkyBunny's avatar
Honestly i think this is my favourite FNAF cosplay I've ever seen! You never disappoint with these Andie!

If I may ask though are you comfortable with people using your videos to make their own cosplays? If not its fine, I'm just asking.
StrikerShard's avatar
Yeesh I feel you, luckily mine didn’t fall apart like that except the moving jaw broke because the connection where the two halves were bound together wore away. Right in the middle of the Con!

Im hopefully going to fix it soon, maybe make the connection stronger
Wolfycon86's avatar
I think Toy Freddy was hungry XD
trewash's avatar
Can I see toy chica?
TF-Lover's avatar
Hey I'm planning on making an animatronic horror fuel show I call Bigbad to work at Haunted World. But I must know what materials did you use for these amazing costumes! I want a costume similar to these guys only more Mangled and horrific like the Nightmare's. But even creepier. I have most of my parts planned but my animatronic 'shell' parts I have no idea what to make them out of. If you could help I'd really appreciate it.
Nepkatluvr's avatar
Not sure if you've answered this already, but what did you use to make the head frame and eyes(the part you drew on)? I'm interested in making my own cosplay with a moving jaw. Not sure what it's going to be yet, but I'd like to know what supplies to get ahead of time.
FawFul933's avatar
so cool I cant even make one 
BonnieNerd87's avatar
Andiiiematronic! I have always been wondering what materials you use for your cosplays! I'd appreciate it if you told me.
TrixieLulamoon17's avatar
toy freddy: om nom nom
mrpurpleguythekiller's avatar
dcaldwell101's avatar
IndieTimber's avatar
Your Toy Bonnie mask looks more accurate than the one I made.
NastyGdigger's avatar
I guess they had to be toying around eh?
pugloveryo's avatar
Watch the springlocks bud
marshmeme's avatar
These are really good
ShifterStuff's avatar
I'm in the middle of making a Toy bonnie costume my self for Halloween and this was a lot of help when it came to the jaw and the head structure in general.
The builds going fine and it was easy to follow step by step.
Hope the Con in October goes well.
marshmeme's avatar
Im also making a toy bonnie costume but im not near finishing
ShifterStuff's avatar
Oh i just finished a few days ago!
marshmeme's avatar
Cool did you make a toy animatronic like those
ShifterStuff's avatar
Ya I did toy Bonnie, only the head, hands and torso tho.
Mainly because it be to hot to were at school and im not a kid anymore, or at least im getting older.
Hope you finish yours for Halloween!  :D
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