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New costume sneak peak for the haunted mansion I work at ;)
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Nightmarionne, get outta there! You're supposed to be killing the FNaF4 kid!

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foxys face at the bottom be like plz help meh there is a big spoopy poopet huanting meh

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Whenever you don't like a rare plush like Phantom Foxy or N.Bonnie, it makes me jealous that I don't have it XD.

Good job on the costume anyway!
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Nightmarione's face tho all im picturing is this song playing in the background…
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where is this haunted mansion?
APHxIreland's avatar
Very excited to see this!
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ooOOOOooo, this looks nice...

Whicj haunted mansion do you work at? I probably can't go anyways, but if it's near me, I most certainly will ask to go! Nice and spoopy! :D
NyehHehHehOnline's avatar
Ooooooooh snayup! Nightmarrione is going to be interesting!
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So amazing I am jealous that I can't make fnaf costume of foam or so it looks real
because I will make spring bonnie after I made ripper roo
and I will use some metal and springlocks
so you are so good at fnaf  
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Looks so good!! How did you get it so smooth and shiny?!
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It was paper mache. I used wood filling to to remove the bumps and issues. Then I sanded the crap outta it. After that, a few coats of spray paint. :)
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You should make a Twisted Freddy cosplay for the haunted mansion you work at.
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Spook, also nice costume!
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Oh, here we go.
Cake-a-Tron's avatar
Ohhhhhohohooo my goodness this is gonna be amazing!
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Nice Plushie you got there...
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(XD... why am I so dumb... Also great mask can't wait for the final project~)
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That looks amazing! (I wish that I could get a job at a haunted house!)
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Mother........  Hold me... I'm scared. Foxy Emoticon Chasing - Five Nights at Freddy's Emote - Scared Run 
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Mr.noodle fingers :0
SenpaiTurboblaze's avatar
MOTHER OF- *Legit jumps back twelve feet*
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