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Nature's Goodbye 2 by Andii1993POEMS Nature's Goodbye 2 :iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 3 0 Nature's Goodbye by Andii1993POEMS Nature's Goodbye :iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 4 0 Hi There! by Andii1993POEMS Hi There! :iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0
I would work almost anywhere for a while with no pay,
Provided you are willing to give me somewhere to live and a meal a day.
I just need a promise that you'll provide me with a stepping stone
And won't be offended when I move on
To search for home.
You don't realise what it's like
To be like a rabbit trapped between headlights
Going first to the left and then to the right.
Everything I say and do is taken in negative context,
They hear what I say but don't understand how it is meant.
They see a man out for number one
But they don't see what I have done.
Every time I've asked for help I've been refused,
But when I try to help others, I just get used.
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0
Legalise It.
There they stood,
The three masked men I am forced to meet,
In the back street shadows,
Nobody around in a place this seedy,
No lights, no order, no safety or security,
All I was doing was buying a bit of weed.
I felt the silver sliver press into me,
“What you got for me, Fam?”
Said the man in a mask in all his professionalism,
I was being robbed.
Can’t go to the police, no.
I would end up in hand cuffs and the hot seat,
Questioned beyond belief over just a little bit of green.
So, I am criminalised because I was a victim of crime.
David Cameron, the authority, claims it’s too damaging for the community,
What they fail to see, that over a silly bit of green, alcohol reigns supreme.
With no recorded deaths and saving lives in between government scrutiny,
We have to ask ourselves if it is worth it…
When you go to the off licence to buy a bottle of beer,
Are you led down a darkened path where a shop keeper can smell your fear?
Have you had threats thrown at y
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0
Sometimes, it takes five years to realise what something is doing to you.
It turns you aptitude and goals, your destiny and your loved ones
Against you.
And then you sit one night with a bag full of green
And you wonder to yourself what it all means,
Five years of smoking,
Five years of forgetting,
Five years I washed my dreams away.
Then today I'm two joints down,
What is going on with me?
What is making me frown?
Inside there is a battle raging,
Red eye subsided, I know I need another joint,
But what if I left it alone, didn't pick it back up,
What if I just put the weed down?
I think about if I never touched it, five years ago.
I'd be several grand richer, I would have had somewhere to go.
Instead since my first poem,
Just fifteen years old,
No longer reflects the boy, the boy who was so bold.
All the weed that I smoked,
I lost sight of all of my goals.
Homeless at sixteen,
In jail shortly after I turned eighteen,
Was this the life for me?
All this just for green...
Was it worth it?
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0
When the scents taint the skies and the clouds rise,
I fly. Free.
Free from my vices and endless voids.
Put yourself in my shoes
And I wouldn't need to tell you,
The reasons I partake in the activities you're all so opposed to.
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 1 1
Bible Lies
I thought I found God in the truth but the Devil didn't subside.
A book written entirely of lies.
I shrug prayers as God doesn't listen,
And when only Satan himself is your only beacon of light
As you shout to the heavens with your blasphemous cries
I stop and wonder about the good I used to do and ask myself why?
So the holy book remains, dust covered it lies
Closed by my hand,
Watched only by the poised serpent's eyes
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 1 0
Against The World
What do you say to the world when the world doesnt want you in it?
As you hang off the edge of the Earth,
What would you do?
What would you do
If everything you held dear was walking away from you?
What if you realised, everything was rising above you?
Realise this, you are falling from the world.
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0
I press "Call",
The dial tone gets louder with each ring,
Ring, ring, pause. Ring, ring, pause.
My chest falls slowly and rises even slower,
My heat beats only sixty times per minute,
Rather than the sixty times per second when I speak to you.
They call it anticipation,
I call it missing you.
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0
What Do They Say?
They say when you carry a Bible,
The Devil gets a headache.
They say when you open it,
The Devil collapses.
And when you read a Bible,
The Devil's eyes roll back, he faints.
So it's no surprise,
that They say when you live by the Bible,
The Devil flees.
But what do they say,
About the lady with no room in her heart
For a 'fictional' friend?
Whose path is enshadowed by the Divil's soul,
Leading her through a forest of temptation and despair...
What do they say,
About the lady with no concern?
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0
Daddy. Me?
That feeling that rose when you told me you were pregnant,
I’m going to be a daddy…
A beast rearing it’s beautiful head to sniff the air
It’s strange how, when you’re a one centimetre long pill
Away from dying, God speaks to you…
He comes out of hiding,
Life flashing between my eyes
When fingertips bleed being pressed so hard against rosary beads
White lines on the inside of my right arm shine in the sun
As I lift my arms, bow my head, tears fall
Like bombs on the concrete floor
I expected the devil to talk but it was a heavenly voice
He told me not to do it,
To purge the pills from my stomach.
I was condemned today by my church
For finding Faith in myself
For saying I don’t need God,
He told me so himself…
When my addiction spiralled out of control,
I hit the floor that my missile tears pierce
And I am alone again.
Tiny fists beat the floor,
Tantrum. Toys thrown out of my cot,
It’s on me. I try to pull my way away from
my addict
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0
In My Head
It began to rain and I...
I was alone, sick in the mind with eyes aching from the strain of tears
That I wasted.
With a fever I watch the water fall
And smell the heavenly sent of grass
As it melts the frost...
Wasting away like just an idea
Thinking that the world would be the best place
If people learnt to live only in their own heads.
So I beg a penny for your thoughts,
And she holds my hands in hers, clasped to her chest,
Her eyes glistening with a shadow of pain,
She pulls me close, my ear to her lips as she sighs to me
That it's all in my head...
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 1 0
Dancing In The Rain
You hear the gentle patter of rain on the outside window,
The wind rushing through the skies,
And tonight you take my hand and we dance,
Rain splashing around our shoulders
And nothing is forbidden anymore,
I feel your heart beat against my chest,
And we'll live this life like there's no tomorrow,
We run through the cities, hand in hand,
And tonight I'm yours,
We can make it happen once more,
I won't leave your side,
As your body entwined into mine,
We'll dance tonight,
The night falls and the rhythm doesn't slow,
We salsa through the years, our lives one,
Tonight we dance, letting the splashing of the sounds take control,
Running into the wind, we are weightless,
Your feet leave the ground and your head falls back,
Serenity takes its hands out of his pockets,
Rested around your spine, we're a law unto ourselves.
And my heart flutters.
I wonder if you know how it's feels,
Now I'm with you,
And I've stayed clean since you've been around,
I close my eyes forever,
Trying to ease the
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0
What Is Love?
I'll be your knight in white,
Armour gleaming in the moonlight
As I trawl the open plains looking for someone
Almost remotely as amazing as you.
I'll take the high roads to your heart,
Give you the sword to slice my world apart,
My soul floating free whilst I reside
In my bad dream or beautiful nightmare.
I'll hold you close like you're my heart's novocaine,
Numbing my senses every time you say I'm to blame,
Yet it's alright now, its "forgotten",
But the fire's being rekindled, poked, brought back to life.
So I see you standing there, hand in hand with the devil,
Playing the heartstrings of hate on a field nowhere near your level,
I see your heart bleed through the tears you hold back,
Even though the love song's ended, I hope that heartbeat is for me.
I can't seem to hold onto what was once lost and forgotten,
But you betrayed me when you went to prom with him,
I thought that was your way of getting back at me for hurting you,
Because I'd confirmed a truth you wish you never suspected
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0
Just A Piece Of Glass
We were once a single piece of glass,
Until we hit a bump and cracked,
Broken away from each other, you still polished me,
You scrubbed me clean of dirt until you could see right through me,
But what you saw wasn't very pleasing,
So you left me to lay, broken and beautiful,
Slowly gathering dust and dirt,
Becoming so grimy your vision becomes blurred,
You're blinded by lies and hatred,
So we stay, silently listening to each others whispers,
Until you're picked up, whisked away in the arms of someone else,
Cleaned and polished, you see the smiles and the tears are gone,
But there I stay, lonely and lost, broken with sharp edges cutting into myself.
We are like a glass sheet, broken...
Jagged edges cutting into each other,
At first we tried to join back together,
But we wore ourselves away.
Lonely as I am, you creep across my mind,
Crawling on all fours, searching the dirt with a bleeding heart,
You're still a weak piece of glass,
I wonder if you're glass is as cracked as mine.
:iconandii1993poems:Andii1993POEMS 0 0


Whisky, Coke and KetamineLitt
Whisky, Coke and Ketamine
Little white lace dress and bright green eyes
I stumbled out the house, in a such state.
Placed a smile on my face for the crowd
His hands all on my body, I felt out of touch
I didn't know what to do, I let myself let go
I finally felt.
Honey, I think I went crazy
You are poison running through my veins
Creep in to find him lying there
Full of shame, I curl up and cry.
He is the demon, you are gabrielle
Future set in stone.
:iconianya:iAnya 1 0
She sits opposite me
her eyes are burning into mine.
I hate you I whisper in my head
the tears come down just like the bricks do
in my ever so surrounding walls
Rapunzel, she whispers
what is it like
to be in that tower,
to be in the tower that secures you
from letting go of this all
what's it like to have someone
try to break your walls down?
Rapunzel, do you know how you feel about anything?
I can't see who you are as a person.
Open up like you've never before.
Show me who you are.
I'll catch you when you fall.
Tears fall on my lap
Bet you feel small and tiny
and squished
she says
bet you feel small tiny.
:iconianya:iAnya 1 0
Fool for you
We touch, I feel a rush
nothing really special
but got me wondering if I could ever feel love.
You,what are you?
A man whose got me round hes finger
My own special cotton candy
an addictive taste
you give me an inch
I take a mile.
I apologize, chins on the ground
I feel like a child,
you've got me begging
yearning for your touch like a child
There are things on your mind,
what do you try to hide.
What more can I give
What more can I say
I know I can't make you love me anyway.
Maybe I'm not the one
Maybe I'm too young
I'm just a fool for you.
:iconianya:iAnya 2 0
Flaws in my Science
I find a map and draw a straight line
over roads, countries and motorways.
I kiss the place when I'd imagine your face
would be.
I hung my coat up in the coffee shop were we sat
I'm finding flaws in science.
I'm finding flaws in my ego.
How are you still tearing me apart?
I'm miles from where you are
so I'll lay on this cold ground
and outstretch my arms
in hope that I could hold you,
can you hold a ghost of a memory?
I scream that I hate you
then run of to find you.
I'm finding flaws in science
I'm finding flaws in my ego
Stop tearing me apart.
Your soft skin
your eyes still haunt me
I wish, my lips didn't have to speak your name.
There are flaws in my science. There are flaws in my ego.
:iconianya:iAnya 1 0
Intemperate but Gentle
I'm not a bad guy.
I don't eat people for a living
Or terrorize my town.
I don't even think anyone knows I exist!
I just had to be running around in the woods.
What was I thinking?!
I was bound to get caught
At some point in time.
Now I'm stuck behind this tree
Trying to avoid whoever it is
Hiding a few meters away.
They're probably scared to death;
I would be too.
I'm scared myself!
I can feel them trembling
In this cold night air.
I just hope they didn't see my face.
I just can't believe I let them see me turn back!
I was out hunting
And I just realized that it was time to go home.
I reverted back into human
When I heard
A gasp and a soft rustle.
I look over and see someone's hair,
Long and flowing in the wind.
Then it dons on me…
They saw me.
What if they go to the police about this?
Will it be a repeat
Of what happened in Middle Age Europe?
Will I be hunted down and killed
Out of fear
Like so many before me?
I'm only twenty one.
I still have so much to live for!
A family;
:iconliteblue-l13:Liteblue-L13 4 0
More Than a Face
I look into your eyes,
to what lies inside-
Tell me your life story.
How it's so different than mine?
In how we spend out time?
What have your eyes seen?
Did you have to fight
for food and for water,
for shelter and warmth,
for life?
Have you
lost someone close
to disease,
to murder?
A best friend,
a boyfriend,
a mother, father,
a brother, sister?
Everything is so freely given here.
The biggest stress-
if one boy likes us,
if the next clothing trend fills us,
if the next grade establishes us.
Not surviving another day.
I'm lucky to say that losing someone happened but once,
but how many deaths have you seen?
The after effect or an in-between?
I bet you're
in mind
and in body.
A protector.
Patient, but wise.
I bet you know the way of the land.
What you can make with your hands.
You know all the secrets of the earth.
I have safety,
money.  Sure.
But there's so much
you can teach me
if I stepped past my front door.
:iconheatherlaaf:HeatherLAAF 12 4
I Love Sarcasm
I like it better when I fail.
I like it better when I lose.
I like it better when you take my heart, tear it aparty.
I like it better when we're just friends.
Like it better when it hurts.
I like it better when I cry myself to sleep.
I like it better when he lied, he cheats, and wants to meet me again.
I love sarcasm. I love it sooo much.
When I lie through my eyes, but then I'll tell you the truth:
I love to work hard and I'll fall into your arms
I'll do anything just to protect my heart. Yeah.
And I'll lie.
I like it better when there's rejection.
I like it better when I miss the opportunities.
I like it better when I spend all my weekends alone, just me.
I like it better when I like awake at night.
I like it better when I forget.
I like it better when I give it all my might, but it's not the best.
I love sarcasm. I love it sooo much.
When I lie through my eyes, but then I'll tell you the truth:
I love to work hard and I'll fall into your arms
I'll do anything just to protect my hear
:iconheatherlaaf:HeatherLAAF 2 0
Adam and Eve by nvantilborg Adam and Eve :iconnvantilborg:nvantilborg 5 2 The Fruit Merchants by justindmiller The Fruit Merchants :iconjustindmiller:justindmiller 122 23 Journey of Memoirs by Nawaf-Alhmeli Journey of Memoirs :iconnawaf-alhmeli:Nawaf-Alhmeli 1,178 422 The Book by zancan The Book :iconzancan:zancan 6,112 549 Girl on the Rocks in Zhuhai by sketchp Girl on the Rocks in Zhuhai :iconsketchp:sketchp 1 0 les miroirs du temps by amartinsdebarros
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les miroirs du temps :iconamartinsdebarros:amartinsdebarros 347 54
lightning by DruryMatt lightning :icondrurymatt:DruryMatt 1 0
Under my bed
Under my bed,
there's a bag of your clothes
told all my friends I chucked them in your face
but really they're here.
I tried to seal them up with a cheap carrier bag
and put them where no one will find them, under my bed,
you've become the monster that I fear,
under my bed.
Your navy jogging bottoms,
which you used to wear when you cycled to see me,
which you used to sit in when we had smokes on the  back door step
Your boxers, which I used to tear off with my teeth,
are laying lifeless with you miles away
Your coat still smells of you,
wear it when no one can see the tears in my eyes
It's seems I've fallen when I tried to fly,
What did I do to make you fall out of love with me?
I can't even remember little things about you.
I tried to seal you up with a cheap carrier bag
and put you where no one could see you, under my bed
you've become the monster I fear, under my bed.
Carried me up to bed, on the stairs in your arms
I was your everything,you told me as you kissed my forehe
:iconianya:iAnya 2 0



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