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i would like to extend my deepest gratitude to :iconsuzuran: for giving yours truly a three-month subscription on deviantART. to what do i owe this pleasure, senpai? ^^ i'll try to use this opportunity to improve my art and encourage/inspire friends and deviants alike :hug:

i would also like to say hello to new friends made and old friends reunited during the fun Devmeet Jakarta event on Feb. 26. special thanks goes to those organising the event, look forward to meeting everyone again in the near future :heart:

(thank you also to those who didn't reject my giving away copies of The Fifth Columnist artwork during Devmeet LOL)

here's :iconmfbroken:'s report/journal on the recent Devmeet:…

have a merry march month everyone! :D
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sorry, indonesia only! >,<
copy pasta dari jurnal :iconsandikarakhim: :XD:

Ayo2 kepada rekan2 DA sudah lama nih nggak ngadain DevMeet (untuk wilayah Jakarta) sekaligus memeriahkan acara Festival Komik Indonesia tanggal 23 - 28 Februari 2010 di Pasar Festival Kuningan Jakarta Selatan. Acaranya Hari Jum'at tgl 26 Feb 2010 jam 14.00 - 17.00, acaranya:

13.45-14.15 Acara Perkenalan sesama anggota DevMeet dengan cara bertukar gambar.
14.15-15.00 Tips pembuatan komik bersama komikus dari Cergam Center yang akan terbit di penerbit Koloni M&C.
15.00-16.00 Ngomik bareng bikin mobile comic.
16.00-17.00 Bursa Komikus dengan Penerbit, Content Provider & Virtualxbook.

Menghadirkan Gupta Mahendra Editor Koloni M&C dan ada Door Prize loh!

Datang ya... jangan ketinggalan! rugi loh!

Ajak rekan2 yang lain ya... biar tambah rame....


anyone coming? ^^ saya mau ikutttt :D
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hello again dear friends, it's been such a long time and i've missed you loads! :)
so how have things been on your end? i see i've missed out a lot here--the new DA template even managed to startle me at first! hehehe

i haven't checked out everyone's work yet at the moment but some quick glances at the deviations show that your arts truly rock! they also have a much more polished feel to them, perhaps results from years of personal and artistic maturing? :D

anyways i'm glad to be back and look forward to catching up with everyone!

love you all, andie
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hello everyone! sorry i haven't been around for a while and haven't been able to respond to your comments/deviations :( FORGIVE ME! at the moment im caught up in many things (which i hate to list here), but rest assured that i still check all the devwatches on my list, even if you don't hear from me! i'll try to sort out the replies very soon. thanks for bearing with me ^^;

much :heart:
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hello, sorry i haven't been able to get online and reply/view your works lately... at the moment my hometown is stricken by flood (albeit a pretty minor one) from weeks of heavy rain and horrible city planning, so power is out in most neighbourhoods and i can only get to work today :dead:

im slowly going through everything right now... hope you're all alrite though! and have a great week dears!!
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connection back online, workload increasing, deadline looming... and i'm fleeing it all! gah, only for the weekend though :P me and my mum are going to singapore tomorrow, so does anyone want any souvenirs? :D

i know what i'm going to buy for myself... and that's BOOKS!!! tonnes and tonnes of them (though i haven't even finished all the books i bought in london two months ago! :dead:) here are some recommendations:

--> scott mccloud's "making comics", which is a must-have for any aspiring illustrator (as are all his non-fiction comic-related works). plus some cosmology books by someone who writes like carl sagan but not exactly carl sagan (is there any such person??)
--> i came across larry gonick's "cartoon history of the universe"… just last week, and it is more than hilarious!! i'd recommend it to anyone!
--> and speaking of biblioholic antics, tom raabe's "biblioholism: the literary addiction"… is probably the most self-ironic book on the growing disease.

does anyone have any book recommendations for this sad, budding biblioholic? if do, please tell! (in list form if need be, with ISBN--just kidding!) :D so i'll be able to catch them in singapore!

books aside, i'll continue on my washing-up project… once i get back. cheerio! :heart:
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hiya everyone, you may have heard on the news (a two-liner perhaps) about the quake in taiwan and how it affected the whole internet network in asia (fibre-optic cables completely broken down), so that is why it's been very difficult for me to access the web at all!

this is one of those rare chances that i can get on (and it won't last long) so let me just wish you all a happy new year!! and hopefully this problem can be sorted out soon :D

love yas people!! :heart: :hug:
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yep, this has become such a dilemma! workload has begun to increase at an incredible pace, i can barely keep up cos of all the hours spent on DA! but really, i shouldn't blame anyone but myself :crying:

so im sorry if in the next few days replies will be short and sweet!! :) and thanks everyone for being so supportive :blowkiss:

meanwhile, here are some progress updates:

1. the chess project is getting there--> finished! :D…

2. i'm trying out several angle shots/active poses at the mo, and i have to say im quite pleased with the result! probably will post em under scraps sometime :)

3. if anyone has any witty jokes, feel free to tell me! im always up for a good laugh!!! :XD:

thanks guys! back to work now! :P
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  • Drinking: water that i mean back to WORK! :P

hello everyone! i'm back from london and it's been really fun, although the weather was dreary! sorry for the late response on the deviations, there are so many of them ehehe :)

anyways, it's now work work work but i will post some manga up soon! thanks!
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ah, the long-awaited week has finally arrived! i'm leaving for london on thursday night and will be away for two weeks, so (hiks) no updates from friday i'm afraid. i'll still come by and talk to everyone whenever i can though! :) the bad news is, im kinda sick... *sneezes, coughs*

thanks to everyone for their support and hope i've been a good enough support to you as well! a couple of people are actually taking a break from DA so i guess it's just that time of year when people actually take breaks...? but i hope to talk to everyone again!

and since the last to-do list didn't quite work out, i'll just come up with a new one :XD:

1. think of FIVE deviation themes (me so lazy!):
- face cards
- trading card game
- space
- background piece
- action scene

2. upload some manga pages up (this may take some time) from "The Fifth Columnist" and "Do You Want Mauve?"

i'll actually be doing some manga teaching when i get back (eh??? no no it's not settled yet, but the contract's been signed! :)) so that should be interesting... dunno if i could really do it tho! :P

once again THANKS everyone!

nb: chavs and cloe, i'll see you guys in london :D and bigfatbaby, good luck with the critic group :iconnot-so-normal-group:
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since my magazine deadlines have passed (and before the cycle properly begins again :)), the race is on to do the following tasks:

1. finish prussia --> finished!…

2. finish oekaki helix:…

3. turn oekaki helix into deviantID

4. finish calibre:op page12-13:…

5. think of 10 deviation themes (nope, i won't go to 100!!!)

6. and be nice(r) to everyone!!!!

thanks, wish me luck!!! :XD: :XD:
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here's a scriptwork for the opening scene of "the fifth columnist"!:…

hope you like it! the style is a tad different from regular proses so the reading might take some getting used to... :XD: