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washing up is never this fun

By andie5
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awww!!! :date: (<--gosh even the emoticon looks like them heheh)

anyways, this is a major change of mood from my other drawings-- helix in an apron? :XD: and the colours are notably more cheerful too. any suggestions as to what to add in the background? those blue bits are supposed to be tiles, i just haven't got the chance to finishing them... yet!

im not too good working with solid colours so i keep ~Rainychan in mind while colouring. as for the inspiration, that came from mamiya oki's platonic dance (okay, so i read yaoi! :P)
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....helix ga gondrong? :D
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spoiler vol.2 :D
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:D This is one of those pictures that make you giggle. I love Bishop`s hair, the colours, the expressions on their faces, the apron on Helix (<- makes me giggle some more :giggle: ) and the nice clean shading.
hey, I wouldn`t mind washing up no more if Helix would help me. Please can he? Pweaase?
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of course he would love to help you! but please join the queue... :above: hehehhe :XD: just kidding! he'll be there in a flash! :hug:
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Me: yay there he is!!
queue: aww noooo!
Me: :D well Helix, that`s so nice of you to come and help me!
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helix: no worries lovely lady ;) now, where do we start? shall we head to the kitchen... or the bedroom first?

LOL! :XD: (psst, don't forget he's an assassin, and that nice front is just a cover-up! hehhe)
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Me: *turning red, stupid smile* Uhh...
Bishop: *walks in* What the... Helix stop that!
Helix: But...
Me: But....
Bishop: No but *drags Helix with her* We`re outta here.
Me: But....what about the dishes?
Bishop: Have fun doing it yourself. He`s an assassin you know, be glad I saved you.
Me: *teary eyed* But...but...
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andie comes on the scene

andie: bishop don't do that! you're MEAN!
bishop: i'm not! i'm saving her... *points at henrike* from him!!! *points at helix*

helix made a peace sign *peace*

andie: oh come on bishop, just say you're jealous...
henrike: YES! just admit it already...
bishop: *blushes* ...N-N-NOO i'm not!!!!
andie: you're an assassin too, you know... so don't be a hypocrite!
henrike: SHE IS????
bishop: stop that! i'm an assassin with a heart! that's why i saved her!!

helix made a peace sign *peace*

nhehehheh.. getting farther from reality now :D
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Lol for Helix the hippie-dude! Peace! :D

Me: Let him stay! *graps Helix` arm*
Bishop *grabbing Helix` other arm* He`s coming with me
Helix: ouch! Hey, do I have anything to say in the matter here!?
Bishop and me: No! Stay out of this
Andie: Guys, guys! You are ripping the poor guy to pieces!

...and further and further from reality :D
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lol!!! :D :D you're very funny henrike!
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i'm crazy to see more of ur story! :D
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THis is ADORABLE!!! I dont think I've ever seen Helix and Bishop so cute together before. Great job ^^
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hahah! i don't think ive ever seen it either! thankyou yiro :heart:
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Wa very lovely !!!! ^ ^
I love it
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thank you ^^ :heart:
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KAWAIIIIIIIIIIIIIIII! (stupid fangirl mode :D)
well back in london, i will have many things to wash, can you lend me helix?? just for some month? :D XD
really really cute, i like the way you use solid colors that's really nice!
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SURE! you can have him for... three days when i go to singapore heheheh :XD: no, just kidding, of course you can have him for a month!! but who will do the spying and assassination in his place? hueheheh

*suddenly reminded that he is actually THAT kind of person, and that the smiles and washing dishes are only an act!* >___< LOL
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men in aprons = :love: :giggle:
Oh this picture is so cute :D I wish someone that cute would help me with the dishes as well :XD:

Great job!!!
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*psst!* helix lives in dusseldorf! :XD: "danke schoen, mein fraulein," he says :D
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Düsseldorf? How cool :giggle: My best friends lives in the near of Düsseldorf :giggle:
And tell him: "Gerngeschehen, der Herr" :giggle:
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