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all the crown's men

...and women! :D

first attempt at digital toning--boy those corners were v. tricky! :) should've rendered the lineart with ink before applying the tones to make it look less 'rough n ready'. thanks for looking anyways^^

from left to right: bishop, helix, c and snatch
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i hope you don't mind but i want to make a paralel between this drawing and the one you have,Helix and Bishop is an awesome work,i can't believe it's not that known on dA yet.all the lines are just great,the face proportions,the style,it doesn't give you the feeling that it's a lineart to something.

on the other hand,even though this drawing is more recent it looks like a step seem to hesitate when it comes to the outline of the characters.for example,Snatch and C look as if they were made by two different artists.
you should have erased some of the lines which give them a sketch like aspect,especially the ones on C's chin.also,the way you made Bishop's jaw differs from the way you made it in the case of all the other characters.again,it looks as if someone else made the character.
all in all,you need to show some constancy in drawing.

as for the fact that they all look rather androginous,it all comes down to the fact that this is anime and characters are supposed to look that way.