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all the crown's men

By andie5
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...and women! :D

first attempt at digital toning--boy those corners were v. tricky! :) should've rendered the lineart with ink before applying the tones to make it look less 'rough n ready'. thanks for looking anyways^^

from left to right: bishop, helix, c and snatch
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i hope you don't mind but i want to make a paralel between this drawing and the one you have,Helix and Bishop is an awesome work,i can't believe it's not that known on dA yet.all the lines are just great,the face proportions,the style,it doesn't give you the feeling that it's a lineart to something.

on the other hand,even though this drawing is more recent it looks like a step seem to hesitate when it comes to the outline of the characters.for example,Snatch and C look as if they were made by two different artists.
you should have erased some of the lines which give them a sketch like aspect,especially the ones on C's chin.also,the way you made Bishop's jaw differs from the way you made it in the case of all the other characters.again,it looks as if someone else made the character.
all in all,you need to show some constancy in drawing.

as for the fact that they all look rather androginous,it all comes down to the fact that this is anime and characters are supposed to look that way.
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now this is what i call a good critique :) your comment is great since it covers the details and you managed to pick up the little things that everyone hardly noticed.

i usually give critiques with numbers so here goes:

1. i gave you this one deliberately because i'm not happy with it, what you said about my being hesitant and inconsistent is more than true. i'm impressed that you mentioned they "look as if they were made by two different artists". in fact, this drawing was made of 4 separate drawings of 4 characters (altho all were made by me), i just manipulated them on photoshop and applied the tones. as a result it does look kind of 'broken'. so a plus for spotting that.

2. i also agree about the constancy bit. however as we know manga drawings can be generic and one character can look very much like the other, so do you think having them look very different to each other is actually a strong point? having said that i am aware i have problems with proportions and even though they were separate drawings, i have to be more consistent in the future for each drawing i make.

3. is it true that characters are supposed to look androgynous in manga/anime? :) i've seen so many stereotypical manga where the girl is very child-like and the man very masculine, that's why i resorted to this style. i want to make them look more 'equal', but this can cause problems sometimes ^^;

now, as to what i think of your critique:

1. i suggest you keep using this kind of tone in the future. i didn't mind at all, the language wasn't offensive and it was constructive. if people actually mind this kind of criticism, then they're not worth critiquing. i've critiqued such a person before, but if he/she is too proud then there's nothing you can do about it :no:

2. i like the fact that you mention the characters' names. that shows that you read the description and people just LOVE talking about their characters. trust me, i know ;)

3. and great for following the suggestion to look at the whole gallery too, not just the single deviation. i find that very effective in judging the overall style. sometimes i also give brief opinions about the rest of the work in the gallery, because when a critic sees something he/she's just bound to comment! :XD:

4. in all, this is a great critique. you've definitely got what it takes to criticise. another thing that i'd like to ask though, is whether you have a decent understanding of art. critiques are a subjective thing, but if you are quite familiar with the principles of art & design then you'll know straightaway what an art piece lacks.

PHEW!! well that was long. sorry! :) shall i return you the favour? oh and, let me introduce you to another great critic that i know he's very alert and can always tell what's wrong with a drawing.

hope this is ok. thanks again!!
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if you call that a comment i call this a reply!
honestly now,you're the first person to give me such a detailed analisys on my way of commenting,and i appreciate that more than you going over to my page and giving me 100 reasons why your art needs improvement.not to mention the fact that you're the only person on the forum to actually make a comment on my way of commenting,like i suggested.thanks :hug:

well,what can i say,i've been interested in art since i was 3 feet tall and since then i've had enough time to get used with not only the styles and techniques used by the great artists but also the way their works have been interpreted throughout the centuries.i guess that helped out a lot.there still are some aspects which go beyond my power of understanding but i'm working on them ^^;

i'll go check out .thanks again :thanks:
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ahah, sorry, i'm really sorry. i get carried away a lot. i started a forum post once and so many ppl replied cos they saw the length of each comment i posted. in the end i had to close the thread cos i couldn't reply anymore :(

yikes, you're definitely more artsy than me :D i only did some art in highschool, but that's about it :blush:

you actually want to marry mozart? ehehhe. silly marie antoinette :P

and if you like baroque you might like this new deviation i'm working on, it's still very raw tho! [link]
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hey,that looks really promissing! :wow:
please send me a link to it when it's done,i would like to give it a proper comment!
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Whoa, i like it a lot. They arrangement is so movie poster like.
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thanks! that was what i had in mind actually, but i couldn't think of any backgrounds! :P
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really good job!
though i'm ahving trouble finding the character's gender :)
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LOL! i took a closer look and OH MY YES YOU'RE RIGHT!!!

...come to think of it, i've always had problems with androgyny! my females look masculine and the males look feminine :P

so what do you suppose made the old woman look like a man? once again you've got me thinking! ahaah...

thanks for that! :XD:
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hehe.... i think that you should study the differences between male and female curves and facial lines...

maybe your character features are too generic and cause androgyny....

the androgyny aside you are really talented and have great linart work...
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thanks for the compliment and critique! what i see from anime/manga drawings in general is that the women look very child-like whereas the men are very tall, with broad shoulders, etc. i want to break free from that stereotype and thus make the male and female look more "compatible", if you see what i mean.

but at times this can be a double-edged sword too, so i'll keep the distinction clear-cut for posterity :) cheers man!
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i understand.... and it's really good you try to be original, yet i think all you have to do is differ the genders thus:
male characters - sharp and proken lines in the face (a more "constructed" face)

female characters - oval and bended lines, never broken (a more "aerodynamic" face)

i hope i helped...
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*makes a mental note*
yep, got it! it's all in me head now, cheers! (it's easier said than done tho... :P)
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hehe.... try having the perfect deviation in your head and only enough skills to keep it in your head :)
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i've got the skill to keep it in my head alright, but i don't have enough to transfer it to paper!! :o
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This looks pretty good actually; the details on all the faces, especially the one in the middle are well done.

Impressive as always.
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cheers keys! (hey, that almost rhymes :D) you should check out the comment down here tho :below:, it's hilarious!! and now that he's mentioned it, yes it kinda rings true! lol :P heheh
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really great!!! :heart: are you toning in the same way than cell coloring???
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merci beaucoup cloe! no, i used layers and cut and paste mostly, and some paint buckets as well. unfortunately i couldn't figure out how to use the tones with the pen tool :no:

AH, you're in london now are you??????!!!!!! WOW SO EXCITING!!! :D :D :D
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yes i am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and the first week was difficult LOL fot more information, go to see my journal lol soon i will have a phone numder!! we would bw able to meet each other lol
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i read your journal!! arrggghh the missing luggage bit was awful! but everything's alrite now yea? how are you settling in? is the family nice? where do you live in london? :)
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the toneing on the ladys neck is really ace ^^
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thank you! :D so how did it go with the digital tones i gave you a link to? actually, there's another one i just found recently, though i haven't tried it yet: [link]

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