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The Moon is a Harsh Mistress

By andie5
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i'd like to say happy chinese new year to everyone at deviantART, and thanks for being such wonderful people!! ;)


andie :heart:
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Ooh amazing background! :wow: I also love the screening from the diagonal bottom! :D
lawofmatthew's avatar
Colouring-nya fabulous sekali! =)
Chromattix's avatar
Very nice, they look like a charming and model-esque couple (even though one is loaded :gun:) The background is really nice too and has good perspective :)
Raakone's avatar
I love this. The details are so well done. And I like those characters. Why am I reminded of some James Bond movie here? Anyways, YOU'VE BEEN FAVED!
waterfaeryz's avatar
oh em ge!!! reallyy!! this is aweeesoommme!!

i really love this...
derby80's avatar
this is a pretty nice pic and all (particularly the background), but who are these people? where's Mannie, and Wyoh and the Professor?
andie5's avatar
thanks for the comment derby! well, sorry to disappoint but the title was merely inspired by robert heinlein's book and not about the book itself. i chose the title since it fits the concept of the deviation (since the woman in the picture is called luna and she looks like a harsh chinese mistress :))

however all in all the aforesaid book by heinlein was a masterpiece! are you a fan of sf?
derby80's avatar
i'm as much a fan of science fiction as much as i am a fan of any other genre of literature, which is to say there's a lot of good stuff and about ten times more crap, so i'm picky about what i read to begin with, and even pickier about what i'll read twice... and i'm currently re-reading the aforementioned book for the fifth time in two years... i would easily consider it one of the top five best books i've ever read, if not the best. if i might make a suggestion, you should perhaps apply your considerable talent towards a piece of art depicting a scene from the book. there's only a few pieces of fan art for it on da, and while i applaud the subject, most of them lack the kind of aulity that your art seems to have.
derby80's avatar
wow... run-on paragraphs, anyone...?
JaquilAmry's avatar
Gosh girl. I've got a lot of work to do to catch up to you =3
SweetSensei's avatar
wow this is really sexy you did such a good job on her and the background wow
andie5's avatar
thank you so much sweetsensei, you are indeed sweet! :D
nhutnhut's avatar
So beautiful ! I really envy u... T_T
moralofthestory's avatar
Uhhh, the two main characters in Robert A. Heinlein's book, "The Moon is a Harsh Mistress?"

I thought by the title that you actually knew something about the book, but I guess I was wrong.
andie5's avatar
oh! i knew about the book and the general premise of it, but i've never really read it so no.... no character names! :D quick thinking tho dear!

the title has to do with the female character here having the name luna and the fact that she looks like a chinese mistress and is carrying a gun :XD:
moralofthestory's avatar
AIIIYAH! Is that Manny and Wyo?
andie5's avatar
who are manny and wyo? :D
TigerDreams's avatar
this has to be the best deviation ever!!!!
andie5's avatar
wow, thank you very much tigerdreams!!! i really appreciate that. hope you have a good day! :heart:
TigerDreams's avatar
youre very welcome,it was way worth it
TigerDreams's avatar
youre very welcome,it was way worth it
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
Andie! This is so awesome!!! I absolutely adore this piece, I could stare at this for hours. :D

First of all: I love the title! It`s poetic. :) How did you find it?
Then, of course....the surrouding!! The DETAIL! I love the atmosphere it creates, the little lights everywhere, the white texture in the back, the ornaments! Wow, just wow! :boogie:
And of course I love your two characters, Helix in suit *drools* with flat hair, lol. And of course, as always, in a beautiful dress and beautiful hair (wish I could do my hair like that :D ), Bishop. The looks on their faces are great, tensed, as they expect something to happen in a few seconds.

Lovely piece!! It`s clear that you put a lot of hard work and passion into it! :clap:
andie5's avatar
dank je wel henrike! sorry for the late response :)

thank you about the title--but it isn't my original idea. it is the title of robert heinlein's science fiction novel from the 50s. i just chose it cos bishop's real name is luna (moon) and in this picture she is posing as a chinese mistress. she also looks sinister here with the gun, so that's why the title is the moon is a harsh mistress :XD:

heheh.... well, im very glad that you like it!!! the ornaments were difficult to do but it's worth it! thank you again henrikeeeee :hug: hope you are well up there? things are getting hectic at work here. take care!!
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
Hectic? You poor girl....I hope things go well for you on your work and try to relax inbetween ok? :hug:

I can imagine the ornaments were difficult, but the piece would`t be the same without it. :)
It`s still a cool title, even if you didn`t made it up, it still fits the theme and I still love it. :boogie:

I`m ok `up here` :D, thanks. I got my drivers licence. :D yay
Furthermore I`m busy one day, and can relax the other day so that`s ok too.

Take care!
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