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The Fifth Columnist vol.2

By andie5
The printed cover for The Fifth Columnist vol.2! ^^ (Elex Media May 2010)

Once again I would like to express a huge thank you for those who have seen the Fifth series to the end.

- Cover design by Agus Salim, edits by Binarti and Tia (from Elex) thanks ^^

NB: Vol.1 cover: [link]

Full drawing for this image can be found here:
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© 2010 - 2021 andie5
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Raakone's avatar
Nice cover. This at a train station or something?
Uruviele's avatar
Gotta say I have been away way too long, it seems! :O So you had them as a book! Congrats of that! :dance: That's pretty amazing!
You must have pretty busy time then, eh? :3
Tizrael's avatar
Oh i love how you draw the characters! Wish it was in English...but oh well.Great job!:)
andie5's avatar
thank you tizrael! i also want to have it done in english but oh well XD
Sohmma's avatar
waaaaa titip yaaaaa kalo jadi ke NYC T^T
atherlene's avatar
Sudah dibeli! :dance:
andie5's avatar
terima kasih!! :D :D :heart:
failedravenclaw's avatar
buat cover vol 3 mau pake kostum dari D&M? ;)
andie5's avatar
boleh boleh saja... dikasih gratis kan, bukan beli? heheheheh XD
failedravenclaw's avatar
siip, cuma pola, jadi gratis :XD:
GXsion's avatar
horee! terbit yang ke-2 :iconflowerdanceplz:
andie5's avatar
hehe thank you gina-chan! hayu aquapasto kapan? :D :D
GXsion's avatar
Huaa, kakak kayak pak editor aja (inget kemaren ditagih2x naskah) :iconcriesplz:
andie5's avatar
bedanya, saya bu editor, dan bu editor sexy! (halah :P) eehehhe

ganbatte gin-chan, jangan kalah sama pak editor :D
GXsion's avatar
>< bu editor sexy...waw, komikus co yang asistensi ntar pada pingsan semua :laughing:

Arigatou, hehehehe...mari berjuang! XD
Whitealone's avatar
Wow Covernya keren :iconimhappyplz:
Huweee pengen beli tapi blum ada waktu :iconcryingplz:
Shirei-Shou's avatar
udah lihaaaaat di rentalan. hoohohohohoh

tp blm dijual di toko deket kampus. sial diskriminasi ama komik lokal
Archie-The-RedCat's avatar
wohooooow, kapan nih terbitnyah?? congrats ya!! XD
andie5's avatar
minggu kemarin chie, thank you so much! lagi bikin komik lagi kah (selain commission yg melimpah? :D)
Archie-The-RedCat's avatar
wahhhh udah terbit?? pesen donggg
yang kedua inih tamat kan?
sekalian sama vol 1 bisa nggak? (nggak nemu di toko ;_; )
sokz-lelei's avatar
I cant wait to get my copy =3

Very pretty cover sis!!!
andie5's avatar
thankssiee! you know what goes next... send me a note with your address please sis! \^o^/
VanEckPhreaking's avatar
Beautiful tones, great poses. You can feel the wind from the train pulling in... Love the texture in the jacket too.
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
ooooh, it`s looking gorgeous Andie!!! I`m so excited for this story!
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