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The Fifth Columnist vol.1

By andie5
Here it is: the printed cover for The Fifth Columnist vol.1!! ^^ (Elex Media January 2010)

I can't tell you how relieved and anxious I am to finally getting this harbour of love done and dusted. The last couple of years have been so crazy (not to mention anti-social) that I honestly feel burned out inside! :D :dead:

Once again thank you very much to everyone who has helped make this project a reality. As always, all comments/criticisms are welcome :)

- Cover design by Agus Salim, edits by Binarti and Tia (from Elex) thanks ^^

NB: Full drawing for this image can be found here: [link]
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Covernya komiknya keren :D :D :love:
Jadi nggak sabar pengen bacanya :)
(sayang belum bli,belum sempet, lagi bnyk tgs soalnya ^^;)
cuma mo nanya nih kalo nerbitin komik tuh caranya
gimana sih?
andie5's avatar
hi debi! sori lama balesnya. kalau mau nerbitin komik, telepon ke penerbit dan minta waktu ketemuan dengan editor.

macam2 penerbit beda2 syaratnya, tapi biasanya harus ada sinopsis 1 halaman, dengan sekitar 10 halaman komik yg sudah jadi dengan tone dll. ^^ nanti dari sample itu editornya akan lihat apakah cerita dan gambarnya potensial :)

dicoba aja dulu deb! yg pasti ceritanya harus dimatangin dulu :D ayo kerjakan tugas2 di sekolah! :D
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It's such a buzz getting your stuff into print for the first time isn't it? :D And don't worry sweetie, I know aaaaall about the anti-social thing. I run a store by evening/weekends and work on my comic during the daytime.

Friends?? What friends?? LOL honestly... I haven't been social in months -_- Ah the sacrifices we make to get our stories out into the world.

Awesome cover too by the way :) I wish you the best of luck with it all!
andie5's avatar
thank you katty kat! ah, we anti-socials need to stick together! :D

oh, i see you've been meddling with 3D art lately, they look FAB! :heart: what software are you using, and is it hard to master? :)

all the best for this year!
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I'm playing with Daz3D. It's a free program so take a look at it if you get the chance. :D You can download base models for it for free but you pay for clothes, extra hair and accessories etc... It's more of a posing program, you can't really edit maps or actual skeletons. I'll be getting the complete package of Poser 8 for my birthday, so I can model all my own clothes and characters from scratch. ^^ (Well... TRY anyway.) Daz3D and Poser are able to work hand in hand.

I've had a small background in 3D animation from my diploma days. 3D had lovely potential, and looks awesome when you complete something... but it's hard to get your head around too. I still have trouble with it :S
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The people here look great
andie5's avatar
thank you felt heart, how are things going with you? :D
Felt-heart's avatar
:aww: Pretty good. How are things with you ?
andie5's avatar
good too, have a good and productive year ahead dear! :hug:
Chenria's avatar
Wow!! :woohoo: CONGRATULATIONS :heart:
the cover looks so great and I wish I could read it :3
VanEckPhreaking's avatar
Congrats! :boogie:

You must be so happy and proud! And tired... ;-)

I like the unsaturated colors and poses. Hope it's a big success for you!
andie5's avatar
merci as ever, monsieur! :)
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
BRING OUT THE CHAMPAGNE!!! Congrats once again for this awesome achievement! :dance: :w00t: :boogie: :cake: :cookie: (<- that is a cookie, can you tell, because I can`t :lol:) I can`t wait to read it!

The cover is looking awesome! Both Helix and Bishop are looking so good and....I don`t like? :giggle: *drools over Helix*
andie5's avatar
dank je wel henrike! yes, helix is posing that way JUST FOR YOU! (and for me and 10 other girls lol :D)

wow thanks for the :cake: and :cookie:!! (i couldnt tell which was which but it's the thought that counted! :D :D

:hug: thanks again and i'm very excited about this comic, i'll send it over to you once the second volume comes out :):):) *that's a promise!!!*
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
yay!! :dance: I can`t wait to see it!! Not to be pushy, I`m just curious: when will the second volume come out? :)
andie5's avatar
hmm, it will be in march i think -- im editing it to look nicer as we speak :) don't worry schat, a promise is still a promise! :D
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
I`ll wait patiently sayang! :D
Sohmma's avatar
waaaahahahhaa bisa order online ? =D
andie5's avatar
hrmm... bisa gak ya... ah, but sohmma sih gratis kali, dibawain pas ketemuan summer nanti! :D (sebagai barter nginep? hohoho) j/k
Sohmma's avatar
hahahahhahahaha wahahahaha gpp kok =D mungkin dari website elex kali ya?
andie5's avatar
hmm setauku sudah order dr sana kalau buat ke luar negeri... tenanglah ntar kuberi saja padamu sebagai sesajen :XD:
Sohmma's avatar
"sesajen" =D hahahah udah lama ga denger tuh kata
andie5's avatar
hmmm pasti udah lama juga gak denger kata2 "limbah", "membudidayakan", "memberdayakan", "tambak udang" dll LOL :XD:
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