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Sauer detail

By andie5
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detail from an earlier drawing in the gallery. this remains one of my favourites especially due to its sombre hues (this was how the original was supposed to look like :)).

oh, and i just noticed it fits the DA grey colour scheme perfectly lol!! :XD: helix and bishop as usual, thanks for viewing! :D
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That's a very nice design! They've really got pretty faces! ^_^
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thank you dear! your gallery is just amazing! :heart:
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Your very welcome...and thanks again! :D
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I think the muted colors really enhance the image--it plays up the great pose and gives light to the characters' personalities. Awesome, overall. :la:
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Very nice colouring
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What most appeals me in this pic is it's atmosphere. The invicible voltage between those two people.
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thank you! im glad you think that ;D
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the colours are so faint, yet the image is so stunning.
i really love drawings that look sketchy, where the lines aren't definite but still define a chracter, its like a representation of your imagination or a rough brilliance, i see that style with the hair and it really works.
great work, the colours are all that same faint hue and it's all payed off.

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why thank you very much jaz, it's a very flattering comment indeed :) i see youve got that sketchy look going on as well :D
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Nice foreshortening on the hand and arm, it looks perfect. I think the interior of the gun barrel should be dark grey or black though.

I like the sombre tones but I think the shadows could go darker. It might help provide a little more depth in the image, especially just above his arm to the left of her hand. Darkening there would pop the outstretched arms forward more.

The only reason I'm so for putting in darker tones other than that it the tie. It's currently the darkest part of the image, I find my eye drawn there rather than to the gun. You could lighten the tie I suppose. But I think dispersing some darker values throughout the image would look better.
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wow thanks, once again a very useful comment. i can see where youre going with the tie being dark. i'll look into this more carefully in the future :)
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Totally honest critique: Great drawing and color scheme! the details on the faces is awsome, and i wish there was more of it on the figures. It's still quite good either way :)
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thank you! and hope you have a good day :heart:
jo-po-17's avatar
thank... i did have a good day :)
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That looks freaking sweet! =D =D
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thank you!!! :D and darn your gallery ROCKSSSSSS!!!
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love, love, love. the colors are just right for it too. ^^
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thank you very much darling! :hug:
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you're very, very welcome. :w00t:
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Excellent artwork. I really like the not-so-colorful color scheme. It reminds me of how anime used to be. :)
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thanks :) hope you had good night's sleep :P
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