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another chapter cover from The Fifth Columnist, which means another black and white drawing! (note to self: have to produce something with colours soon :XD:)

this was done by combining inked illustration, photographs and digital vector. thanks for viewing :heart:
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This looks great! Now I hunger for your manga...I want to read it :3...will it be in english soon???
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not soon enough unfortunately dear! thank you for the fave! :heart:
how's the weekend coming along? :D
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Dang it! But once it is, I want a copy dearest!

AND OMG I have finally buckled down to write out my manga, thats been to long in the shadows. I never thought I needed to write it down cause I usally just wing it when I plan out my comic. Did you write out your comic before you drew it out??? ALSO I rewrote my characters profile to make more sense and OMG its so exciting. I feel AWESOME again my OC's feel loved and I cant wait to introduce them again!
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what about i send you the one in indonesian instead? then i can give you the english script with it!! :XD:

ohhh!! is this the story with rock in it? have you got all the story plotted out already? and how big are the changes introduced to your characters? post away please!!! :D :D

(i suppose characters are created to be loved! :heart:)

good on ya buddy!! :D
sokz-lelei's avatar
HAH sounds even better, send away dearest! Probably by the end of your comic I might know a bit of indonesian :3 Im so smart lol

OHHHH NOOOOO not with Rock! Its with my old OC's from my other account! I dont know if you remember my character Andrean??? Its with him in it and my characters Aerek and Nepka more to come also BTW Andrean is now Adrian :3 Im so excited, Ive written 10 pages of chapter 1 already *jumps* ALSO its easy for me to write because I have had the story planned in my head for 3 yrs ^^; I mean plenty of chapters to come. I must say the storyline is going by so good that I dont want to stop writing it lol my character designs have changed big too :3 ALSO this is a fantasy shonen type manga. No shoujo...well maybe a little towards the end ;)
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10 PAGES?? good on ya buddy!!! 10 pages of script or of drawings by the way?? :D

lol, sometimes it is indeed easier and more fun to write when the story's completely solidified in your mind! why has andrean changed his name though?

im refreshing my mind as we speak, but for some reason i couldn't find nepka in your gallery! is he a she or a he? :D

aerek seems so carefree, i think he's my fave character so far lol :D

so come on and spill all the beans about the story dear!!
sokz-lelei's avatar
Yes and now im on chapter 2! YAYNESS I only have 5 pages but it seems long lol but I enjoy writing so much! Nope I havent drawn out the pages out yet just writing out the story to start of with ^^

And I changed Andrean name cause I cant pronounce it lol

And Nepka is in my miracleangel gallery! Ill send you a link when I have time lol and shes a GIRL dearest lol

Ohhhhh ill spill some details soon, I dont want to ruin the story just yet!
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good on ya buddy! sorry i was caught up with work the past week so hadn't had chance to check DA bhuhu :cry:
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Oh it looks really great and I like the concept and the idea! Great job :3
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thank you very much chen-san! i'm quite satisfied with the result even though it's in black and white only! :)
VanEckPhreaking's avatar
Nice. I like the mix of styles, nothing seems out of place.
andie5's avatar
thank you jf :)
Daandric's avatar
very nice handwork
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thank you Ent4ry :)
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That`s very interesting! And lovely what you`ve done with the different materials, I also like how the eye flows from the top down across all the different elements and finally ends at Bishop, being in this desolate place. :)
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oh, i almost didn't see it that way! in fact, the 'desolate place' almost came as an afterthought. thank you for your lovely comment! :hug:
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Nice mix with the different techniques, it's really well done!
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thank you cloe! you're too nice! :hug:
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my pleasure! Like the great philisoph, Loréal, said "because you're worth it"...or something like it :D
andie5's avatar
lol! a lot of people are philosophers nowadays it seems! :D
cloeliae's avatar
Th world changed so much eh lol btw really nice icon!
andie5's avatar
lol thanks so much tartine! i figured it was time to change a few things around ehehe. your avatar is cute too, did you make that yourself? love the animation :))
cloeliae's avatar
oh no lol I'm too lazzy to do it myself! I found it here in DA, in the section "free icon" most of them are sooooooo cute, it took me a week to choose XD
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