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Journey to the east

By andie5
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say hello to Chinese girl Mei and stranded Viking warrior/merchant Leif! :XD: :D

i bought my first copic markers a couple of months back and am loving their vibrant colours and effects! :heart: too bad these things cost the moon where i live, and guess what makes it even worse? there's no 'undo' button to rely on when working with manual drawings!! :D

hopefully there will be more traditional works to churn out soon :D thank you for viewing :love:
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Awesome characters! They fit each other well even though they come from different continents, love the marker works, they fit your style! Are the lines pencil? They always smear when I try use markers on them.

Is this another story of yours? It sounds really interesting!
VanEckPhreaking's avatar
Nice! I really like the traditional coloring, it give the piece a lot of warmth... :XD:
rosalbarts's avatar
Oooh very beautiful drawing!! I love both characters, so different but so good together! :heart: I always love when different cultures gt in contact :D
The coloring is really beautiful!
andie5's avatar
thank you! the colouring is a bit rough in my opinion, but it did effectively convey the 'rough history' look :D
Chenria's avatar
Oh!! Leif looks so awesome! I just love strong blond Vikings :heart:
Mei is also very beautiful :aww:
and the composition of the picture is really great :love:
andie5's avatar
strong blond viking!!! someone like taylor kitsch? >,< no, alexander skarsgard is the better candidate!! :love:
Chenria's avatar
Oh yes :giggle: Alexander seems to fit a little better than Taylor in this occasion :XD:
sokz-lelei's avatar
This is great :heart: your traditional work is gourgeous! Im loving the details and outfits your characters are in! XDDDDD Totally speechless lol

Awesome work sweets!
andreartstudio's avatar
ini buat komik juga ??? ....... ;);)
andie5's avatar
bukan, iseng gambar saja :D
andreartstudio's avatar
oh .... q pikir konsep komik juga .... :);)
lawofmatthew's avatar
Kaya lukisan!
andie5's avatar
thankyou matt! ayo berjuang kerjakan kof dan komiknya! :D
lawofmatthew's avatar
Thank you! I will!=)
Felt-heart's avatar
WOW! This looks really beautifu!
andie5's avatar
thank you felt-heart!! :heart:
Geminas0wng's avatar
This is really good! I've never seen coloring like this with copics. Almost looks like a painting
andie5's avatar
thanks dear! yes, it doesn't look too typically copic to me either :)
Nanjung110's avatar
instant fav! wadoh... brapa copic nih?

<< rada2 serem sama copic gara2 harganya ^^;
andie5's avatar
hmm... total mungkin 10an copic? :dead: saya beli di toko alat lukis yg cukup murah dibanding harga di luaran (tapi masih mahal juga) XD

thankyou fave-nya nne! :hug:
Nanjung110's avatar
wah? jatohnya berapa tuh? *ngecek uang saku sendiri :p*

btw bwlinya warna apa aja? apa warnanya 'turun' dibanding pas masih di kertas? dan kertasnya pake apa? [canson, atau fabriano, atau yg lain?]
andie5's avatar
satunya Rp39,000 nne :dead:

kertasnya pake HVS biasa XD *gak sanggup keluar uang lagi heheh*
Nanjung110's avatar
wah, lumayan! *ya sih, 40k, tapi disini 45-50an gitu satunya*
belinya dimana? 0w0
andie5's avatar
ada satu toko di daerah fatmawati yg namanya toko prapatan. kalo sering beli bisa dapat member juga, tambah diskon lg 10% (kalo gak salah) :D :D
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