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From Prussia with Love

By andie5
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since helix is german, i just HAD to dress him in an imperial prussian uniform! :D i would love to do more CG colouring but it takes so long to do--this alone took about two weeks arrgghh. in the background is a photograph of an ancient library somewhere in germany, modified in photoshop as always :) special thanks goes to *chen-san for helping out in the german translation :)
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WAOW! Kerja keras anda selama 2 minggu tak sia sia!
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:love: loving your style
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thank you blackwinged! :)
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Honestly beautiful.
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Lovely. Amazing detail.
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This goes to the favourites!
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keren bgd... aaaaaa

good work..
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thank you! sori balesnya agak telat krn lagi sibuk bgt dengan kerjaan :crying: proposalnya udah di approve! :D jadi aku lg sibuk bikin kerangkanya. makasi banyak ya buat supportnya. kamu jg ikutan bikin komik dong :) :) take care!
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haha.. ga bisa.. ga bakat2 bgd... hahahahah~!! kpn terbitnya??

CONGRATS YA~!!! yayyyy!!
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gambarmu ok kog! tarikannya juga udah bagus! tengkyu ya, tapi masih lama de kayanya. gw sih sampai skrg masi ikut les/ngajar manga di deket rumah gw--guru2nya komikus elex. kalau emang mau, coba ikutan aja workshopnya! lumayan buat nambah ilmu :)
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how did i miss this? :heart:
simply amazing. ^_^
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alow2! abis baca buku berkreasi mewarnai illustrasi by esvandiari sant terus ketemu ada karya dari deviantart artist so mampir deh kesini! gile pewarnaannya keren!!! ku watch ya!! :D
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thank you bgt privee!! wah, gak nyangka bukunya kak vani bisa mempertemukan kita! (loh?) :D sekali lagi thanks, and galerimu bagus deh!!!
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Beautiful! :heart: I love the detail, and the expressions on their face. They look so happy.
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This is beautiful! The background and the characters look like they belong together :D
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thank you very much solarissky, im glad you like it! your username's really unique... i wonder what that means? :D
SashaFitzgerald's avatar
No prob XD

Solaris: a word I like. It makes me think of the sunshine, and summer is my favourite season. I also think it sounds all fantasy scifi.

Sky: represents freedom & possibilities... Like saying 'the sky's the limit'.

Whee your pic is so puuurdy ^-^
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thanksie :)

oh, i thought it was something like 'solar risky'... the risk of sunbathing too long? ^^; never mind, i can be a bit odd sometime :XD:
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Wee I like that tooo! Aha!
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Elegantly beautiful~!
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Can I tell you?, this one is art! OoO*

: D faved!!
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