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Devil in the Moonlight

By andie5
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a rather 'vintage' commission work done for a friend, produced traditionally using a combination of drawing pens, copic markers and graphitint.

though i'm never too fond of subdued hues such as featured in this drawing, i thought the colour scheme somewhat matches the irony of the poignant scene :flirty:

oh, and that's helix posing as a vampire! :XD: thank you for viewing ^^
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Great picture! You can totaly get a good idea f what their thinking, just by looking at their faces :) I like it
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I like the palette, it's a breath of fresh air for the genre. And it's nice to see a woman be scared of a goddamn vampire for a change from what's so popular in pop culture, right now... ;-)
cloeliae's avatar
I second that :D He looks..creepy!! :XD:
Great work woth the mix of technics, totally love it :heart:
HenrikeDijkstra's avatar
:D I`d scream too if Helix walked up to me looking like that! :lol: The hair!! :D
I prefer him looking like your new avatar (which is gorgeous! :heart: :heart: :heart: )
I actually like the hues, it matches the scene. Love the technique with the markers too! :)
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Inilah yg terjadi jika "The Fifth Columnist" ditulis oleh Bram Stroker!

Shirei-Shou's avatar
aku sll suka ama warnamu dan gimana U bikin tangan. uuh.. I wish I can draw hand like U
Btw suka BG nya jg ^^
sawamura-sama's avatar
:rofl: :rofl: *kidding*

ini yg kemarin utk rain kan?? :D
failedravenclaw's avatar
very vintage indeed :rofl:

akhirnya jadi Vampir tipe klasik lengkap dengan kelelawar ya? BGnya cocok :D
sokz-lelei's avatar
'come to me' haha awesome saying, I use to say that alot...but for some reason they all end up running XDDDD lol

But this is an amazing piece <3 I love your traditional stuff! And so happy you posted something after a long while lol

Keep it up!

BTW - Loving your AVATAR! Helix is so HAWT lol
andie5's avatar
LOL thanks for the compliment! i'm sure helix is chuffed kekeke :flirty:
andreartstudio's avatar
keren juga lho !!! ...... komik juga ya ? :):):)
andie5's avatar
nggak ko andre, ini karakter dari komik yg udah ada, diparodiin hehe ^^ kog gak nemu2 ya komiknya? di gramed gak ada? nanya ke mas2nya kan? :D

take care ko andre ;)
andreartstudio's avatar
ohhh...... ..... komiknya belum nemu , gak nanya ma yg jaga sih , hehehe .... jadi gak nemu , kan banyak judul2nya yg laen ..... :) ntar ada waktu nyari lagi ...... thank's yah ...... :D
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