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Hello old and new watchers. Thank you for joining me for another journal update. 
A lot has gone on in the last entry. Gained a job, lost a job, kept a boyfriend, left a boyfriend, got a new job, changed within new job, and now I've emerged as a more enlightened individual.

I'm making strides to update my DV page and post more, which includes significantly increasing the time I update my journal/status. But I'm dedicating a lot more time to illustration and am actually working on a comic right now called "Eckstein". (If you go through my gallery, you'll see I've posted some designs for it)

Anyway, thank you for stopping by on my page and hope to see more of you. Toodles!

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So I'm going to be moving on the 1st to Pasadena for a job. I'm scared as one might expect, but I'm still very excited. Still, the stress has been bothering me more than it should. I'm irritable, I get more emotional over little things, and ugh. I'm just over it. <insert complaint about life here>

The good thing about this move is that it's to Pasadena, so I've got that to look forward for. The city is nice (after all, that's where the Big Bang Theory takes place) and the job will be for video editing at a documentary studio. My co-workers are really nice people. Yay nice people!

Anyway, it's late, and I'm watching Live footage of the situation in Ukraine. Pay attention to it my fellow Yankees. The Beibs just got arrested, so he'll be fine overall. And to those non-American users out there, I'm curious about how the media is framing it for you guys. I know that the PM stepped down recently, so that's big news right?

If you want to chime in, the link for the Ukraniane live feed is here: 

PS: Send those poor protesters some more blankets. It looks frigid. :/
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Hey Y'all. So it's about 2 weeks past the new year and I'm going through a lot of transitional changes right now. I'm going to be moving to Pasadena, I'm dealing with car part issues, and I'm making more and more adult-oriented choices. (I hate being a grown up!!)

Anyway, it's been about 3 or 4 months without posting things, so to the very few people who are my watchers, I apologize. My time-management skills are still developing. However, if things go according to plan, I should be able to post a lot more frequently. Also, once I get more settled into my new situation, I may start taking commissions.

Alright. That's just about it. A little update.
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I have not been able to do any art for the last couple of weeks. This is due the fact that I've been busy with my Internship/job working at Interloper Films.
Unfortunately, I haven't had the change to upload anything or even create content. Sorry!

I'll hurry up through my work to post some new stuff.
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I have returned from my Monterey class on documentaries and will now focus my attention to doodling and sleeping. Also seeing my family. I'm glad to be home.
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Sorry for not having been able to post anything as of late. I'm taking a documentary making course up in Monterey, CA (which is about 9 hours away from where I live). 

It's been an exhilarating experience! I'm currently taking a break from editing footage actually, so this will have to be a short journal entry.
I've met two major film directors, such as Ondi Timoner (2x Sundance Festival winner) and Kirby Dick (2x Academy Award nominee), who have given priceless advice to filming, keeping up the good work and staying as inspired as you can.

Unfortunatly, since I literally have to crank out a quality documentary short in only 2 weeks, I have been working hard from 7 am to midnight everyday for the past 8 days. I've got about 4 days to finish up, so it's difficult to find the time and resources to draw and upload comics, pics, ect.
So for the few watchers that I have, bear with me, I promise you I'll make it up to you.

Thanks for your patience.
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I is currently in spain at thr moment and very happy to be here, but I cannot upload anymore comics or doodles until I retrurn to Cali. :( its beautiful where I'm staying though so I'll have loads of stories to tell when I get back.

Here's a quick one for u though.

So my mom and I, to save money, stayed at a college dorm while we were in Madrid. There were students that were about to graduate from something, so they spent the whole day getting they're party gear ready. So night comes round,  they have their graduation ceremony and blasted music/sang the entire night. As my mom and I had a train to catch the next day, we had to be early to bed and early to rise. What ended up happening is that we fell asleep to their partying, and we woke up to their partying.

We were impressed.
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The good news is that I got accepted into a summer arts program up in Monterrey, CA for a documentary film course. I don't know how hard it was to get in, but in either case, I am pretty psyched WHOO!
The bad news is that it costs a pretty penny, so I gotta fill out paper work for a scholarship.
The good news is that apparently 70% of the applicants get some form of a scholarship.
The bad news is that I am sooooooo unfocused in writing the essay. D: I've been at it for hours and I feel pretty dumb with what I've got so far.

Total first world problems, am I right?
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Oh yes. 2013!  Hope everyone was safe during the holidays. And now, to find and internship. :/
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Remember Remember the 5th of November...and blah blah blah (As if there isn't enough of that on the internet today lol)

Well a quick Shout-Out to Mr. Green, my high school history teacher, who turns another year today.

Also a special commemoration to me for finally completing a political science assignment that is due this Thursday and for surviving on four hours of sleep.

I think I will celebrate with cupcakes.
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Time for school to begin! Feeling pretty worried about the work load I'm taking on, but more excited for the semester to start again. I was getting pretty board just sitting at home on my days off from my job. But then again, less doodles :(

Well, we'll see what the semester brings us!
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Oh my much to do, so little time DX

I swear, sometimes it feels like the universe said "Hey, lets make everything important happen this one week in december. You know, just to be Trollin Andi!"

Thanks universe......
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Yes! I have survived! And I have learned from my mistake!

So little Andi F**k up thought it would be a great idea to let her mind wander during driving, not realized traffic had stopped. Yup, you guessed it. REAR ENDED BABY!

No one was hurt, thank god. We just got shaken nerves. So I can say goodbye to paycheck money! wh00t! Lack of money due to me being stoooopid!

I dunno...I'm worried about the phone calls to make tomorrow...F**k....
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So for those of the weak of heart or those who don't want to read my bitchiness, then perhaps you best look away.

It's been, like what, two years since I made a journal update? And for the few of you who "watch" me, you may not know why.

Honestly, I feel lost in deviantart because there are so many talented artists and they get a bunch of views it seems. And good for them, they deserve it. My issue, however, comes from my f****d insecurities of feeling left out of the loop or not getting the recognition that I think I "deserve". I'm just wondering what it takes to be recognized.

I know I seem like a little bitch right now, although I did warn you, but I just feel frustrated with how I can create the most fantastic work and ever and it would just get lost among the thousands of other artworks here. Once again, I have nothing against the other artists here. They are talented and I commend them for their persistence, whether they are popular or not. I just need help with understanding that not everyone can be recognized and therefore make peace with it so that I can bring myself to keep posting my work.

Soooo..........yeaaaaa.....That's my immature little rant I guess.
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Wanna see if you're more boyish or girly? try this test...

BOY side

[x] you love hoodies
[x] you love jeans
[ ] dogs are better than cats
[x] its hilarious when people get hurt
[ ] shopping is torture
[ ] sad movies suck
[x] you play XBOX 360/PS2
[x] you played with Hot Wheels as a little kid
[ ] at some point in life you wanted to be a firefighter
[x] you owned a DS, PS2 or Sega
[ ] you used to be obsessed with Power Rangers
[ ] you watch sports on TV
[x] you go to your dad for advice
[ ] you own like a trillion baseball hats
[x] you used to/collect collector cards
[ ] baggy sweatpants are cool to wear
[ ] its kind of weird to have sleepovers with a bunch of people
[x] green, black, red, blue, or silver are one of your favorite colors
[x] you love to go crazy and not care what other people think
[x] sports are fun
[x] you talk with food in your mouth (though not that often...for me anyway...)
[ ] you sleep at night with your socks on
[x] you have fished at least once

Total: 13

GIRL side

[x] you love to shop
[x] you wear eyeliner
[ ] you wear the color pink
[x] you go to your mom for advice
[ ] you consider cheer-leading a sport
[ ] you wear very little black
[ ] you hate wearing the color black
[x] you like going to the mall
[ ] you cried watching walk to remember
[ ] skirts are a part of your wardrobe
[x] shopping is one of your favorite hobbies
[x] you take around one hour to shower
[x] you are/were in gymnastics/tumbling
[ ] you smile a lot more than you should
[ ] you have more than 10 pairs of shoes
[x] you care about what you look like
[ ] you always/sometimes wear dresses
[x] you like wearing body spray
[ ] you like high heel shoes
[x] you used to play with dolls as a kid
[ ] you like putting makeup on others
[ ] pink is one of your favorite colors
[ ] you laugh more than you breathe
[x] you absolutely love chocolate

Your total: 11

Alright...I'm more of a dude!
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#1) You must fill out EVERY question! No skipping!
#2) Tag five people afterwards.
#3) Leave a message on their page telling them their tagged.


1. Perfect ?
hell no!

2. Tall ?

3. In your pajamas ?
not yet.

4. Left handed ?


1. Friend you saw :
Adriana, Ally

2. Talked to on the phone :
Noelle (right now actually)

3. Person to text you :

4. Was today better than yesterday ?
o-0 I jus woookkeeee uuupppp


1. Number :

2. Color(s) :
Black, Red

3. Fruit :

4. Place :


Q: What was the first thing you did this morning when you got up?
moaned and groaned and thought "i wish it was friday..."

Q: Do you have anything bothering you ?

Q: What's the last movie you saw ?
The Scarlet Flower

Q: Where is the last place you went ?

Q. Do you smile a lot ?
i guess

Q: Do you wish upon stars ?
No. Maybe if it was a shooting star...but that rarely happens

Q: Are you a friendly person ?
i hope so.

Q: Where did you sleep last night
a bed

Q: When was the last time you cried ?
couple days ago.

Q: What was your last thought before going to sleep last night ?
Crap...HW not finished...zzzzzzz
Q: Rate life as of right now one being bad ten being great?

Q: What do you hear right now ?
Q: Does anything hurt right now ?
my leg and head.

Q: What's your favorite month ?
November bitches!! XD

Q: What did you do last night ?
Hair cut!!


1. Are you missing someone right now :

2. Are you happy ?
generally yes.

3. Are you sad ?
a little

4. Are you bored ?
Well i am doing this survey aren't i?

6. Are you nervous ?
HW nervous.

8. Are you tired ?
a little.


001. Real name ?

002. Nick names ?
Kiwi (don't ask how), Andi

003. Eye color ?
004. Zodiac sign ?

005. Male or female ?

009. Smart?
Well yeah but in my own way.

010. Hair color ?
Brown with amber/reddish highlights

011. Tall or short?

013. Sweats or Jeans?

014. Phone or Camera ?

016. Drink or Smoke?
020. Tattoos ?
one day on my ankle

021. Righty or lefty?


024. First best friend?

025. First crush?
Johnathan (but i was like 5)

027. First pet?
well i had a goldfish as a 5 year old but i don't even remember its name.

028. First big vacation ?
Mexico when i was a month old

049. Eating?

050. Drinking ?

052. I'm about to :
explode on my HW

053. Listening to ?
Leaves eyes

054. Plans for today ?
school. goody...

079. Drank bubbles ?
080. Lost glasses/contacts?
nope. don't need it

081. Ran away from home ?

084. Broken someone's heart ?

085. Been arrested ?


090. Miracles?
Yes but i know they are very rare

089. Yourself ?
for the most part

092. Heaven ?

093. Santa Claus ?
up until i was 11

094. Love ?
Yes but it's very rare (like a miricle)


097. Do you like someone?

099. Do you believe in God ?

100. Answered the truth on all questions :

Who to tag
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THE PHANTOM IS IN TOWN!!! yes my little dears! The phantom of the Opera is showing at the Civic theater in San Diego. But your tickets today! lol I to will be one of the lucky duckys who will see this production. I'll be sure to tell y'all all about it! XD

Yeah, you can tell i'm excited. wh00t! I feel sorry for the guy. Christine, why couldn't you look at the sexy part of his face instead of marrying that pussy boy Raoul? *sigh* It's about the money isn't it? JK folks. (everyone knows that the phantom broke up with her anyway. XD)

Well i'll stop now. (no more muffins for me...)
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yup. kisses to all of ya!!
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okay so it was yesterday. But that doesn't mean i can't blurb about it! So i'm now 15 folks! That means i gotta focus on driving more. *everyone runs away in terror* -_-; But i don't get my lisence untill im 16. ^^; *no one comes back* (to self: i see how it is...) But anyway, now that i'm 15, i hope people will see me more as a young lady. (and not a little kid anymore) at least my friends are like "14! wow your still young. you look older!" (imagine what i can get away with when im 40) ^^

And the best thing about being 15 (and having a mexican backround) is a thing we call QUINCENIERA! (i probably mispelled that ^_^;;; ) Well for those of you who don't know what it is, its a sweet 16 party but for 15 year olds. Plus you have to go to a mass and read some scriptures from the bible. It was pretty difficult for me since it was in spanish, but i got by it alright. Then the party comes with food and CAKE!! plus theres a waltz where you dance with your dad and then free for all. (better bring a cute guy friend too ^^)

well thats all i have to say. happy thanksgiving (and birthdays if you have one) to all!
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Remember remember the 5th of november...

Yes today is an actuall holiday in england. "Guy fawks day".
(just google it...) Yea....

I was on youtube about a month ago and this guy by the name of Mad V was saying that on this day...We should post a video of what we should remember. Being the Procracinater that i am, i totally forgot to. So i figured i should just write somthing here. ^^

How to start...  Well, I don't want to forget about how it was when we were children. How we'd played in the playground and finding kids to play with. Just talking to them and one minute later, we became best friends. Then one of us left, never to see each other again. But their memory lives on forever. How when we were kids we would play with kids as we made up our own stories. Felix and i, pretending we were the lost princesses of Balto mountain so somthing...2nd grade and stuff. We long forgotten the plot or even what we were thinking, but the memory lives on. Remember how innocent we were. How no matter what went on, we would think everything was okay. Our parents knew everything, our younger siblings looked up to us. Now, as we continue to grow, we know that our parents know very little and our siblings do their own thing. But as we grow up, that memory still thrives. Call me Sentimental but i never want to loose the memory of our innocence, as it seems there is very little of it today.

What do you want to remember?
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