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Elastic Heart - Sia

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Muito bom, belo traço

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Might I say that in spite of how I heard some read pedophillic undertone in the video it's quite 'bold' to do a take on that video with a Disney-esque style.
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When i saw this i was like 😶
thats amazing really good 👍
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I just saw the video and read the lyrics. My only conclusion is that she's got daddy issues. Regardless, this is definitely an interesting drawing. Keep at it.
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can anyone understand that video?
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It's probably about a girl, and her dad. (Or what the user below me said) I know they touch very often, but in this relation it's more platonic. It tells of love, respect and also rejection, resistance. Like her dad tried to control her, but she kinda resisted. Somthing like this. (How I see it)
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I know it's not a romantic thing.  I think it has something to do with how her child self had high hopes, dreams, believed in herself, blah blah blah but her adult self lost all that and her child self tried to break out but her adult self was too broken to let her be free.
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We all remember the days when Shia lebouf was in I, robot & transformers. What happened bruh?
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This is incredible. Emotional, beautiful, just wow. The music video leaves me conflicted and understanding of some peoples hesitations with it, but if they could just pause it, like you do here, pause a moment in it, everything the song and video represent are much clearer to understand.
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haha the Shia's face is like he is saying "this psycho girl outta here"...I Think, Great Job!
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I saw the Video... I didn't understand it... xD
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The guy on the bottom looks like Captain Haddock from the movie Tin Tin...

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Como você consegue deixar seu traço tão limpo?
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Vi esse video esses dias *------*
Amei esse pic ... expressa exatamente o video clip
Outra produção da Sia com a Maddie q ameeei de paixão foi Chandelier :love:
Maddie é simplesmente uma grande pequena dançarina
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Oh my gosh! I love this!
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Video massa, música massa e desenho massa <3
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I loved this video and song. You've captured the emotions well! I especially love the way you've drawn Shia's face - great work! :)
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I love the song, I love the video, and I love this drawing. bunneh icon3 
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I really love how much emotion you managed to portray in both of these actors faces. You did really well at capturing the sort of mental back and forth these two did the whole video, and I particularly like the delicate posing you went for here. It's almost as if she is trying to force him to acknowledge her, to accept himself and simply move on, whilst he is too caught up in his own grief and regret to even look her in the eye. She's air borne and flexible, like she is ready to take off, but he is grounded and stuck by the fact that he's too busy holding up this daughter figure to take care of himself.

This is a lot of ramble, and I apologize for it, but I just really appreciate how much I feel like you got across in this picture. Coupled with Sia's music video, it really speaks volumes to me!
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Ah yes, this video! How much controversy was stirred from it... Either way I really like this representation, great job!
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