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Disney GOT Deanerys

Another character in Game Of Thrones "Disney" version. My partnership with Fernando Mendonça! Daenerys Targaryen.
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did they do the right thing killing her off?
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if this happened, boii
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1) I guess her favourite foster son specially named after her beloved husband.
2) But does it fair that Drogon Targaryen (I want them to be a race! No discrimination of wyverns please, Martin....) gets more than his brothers?
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That is REALLY cool! :D
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amazing work but disgusting how much of it is going uncredited on websites. this one for example (…) posted your work with no credit and cut off your watermark. If you want to do anything about it i thought you should know.
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Daenerys: Drogo you are fat!!! You need to begin a strict regime to lose weight!!!

Drogo: Slow Slow Slow  Seriously:( (Sad) :( (Sad) :( (Sad) ????
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More like "Quiet Khaleesi.  We have sex now." *grabs and humps*
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I'm reminded of "Quest For Camelot" for some reason.
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She is really beautiful and I love Drogo's expression XD
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I am no game of thrones fan but im the name is Daenerys* but that does not matter because this artwork is BEAUTIFUL and i love it 
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oh. mah. gaw! perfection
Great, now I'll be thinking of Drogon with Eddie Murphy's voice
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I'm really enjoying this series.
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Brilliant idea!
love it! very funny series
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The tongue is a bit too much for me, but other than that super cool!
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Every pet likes to have its chin stroked.
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That dragon and his expression is golden.
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