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Mountain pond

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Awesome. Love that sketchy feel with default brush.
Louisetheanimator's avatar
This reminds me of the Spyro the ragon game. ^^
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The lakes really carry the eye through here.
zJoriz's avatar
Yes, floating mountains! We need more of those. Great paintwork, love the atmosphere.
Vermount's avatar
Astounding! Beautiful, and at it's best!
LeoBit's avatar
Nagrand, Kerrigan.
Hafunui's avatar
I love floating islands :P
GenkiPuck42's avatar
Ooh... gorgeous fantasy landscape! The reflections on the lake surfaces are extremely well done.
FeatherQuilly's avatar
That shape on the right looks like a horse's head and leg. Very nice!
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SonicGirlDreamer's avatar
I just love anything that looks like concept art. X3
drawing-dragons's avatar
Wow, this looks like Rivendell...
ember-snow's avatar
Very beautiful! Nice job. :)
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Latharion's avatar
great job on this!
TinySparrowbird's avatar
dude, thats not even normal to be that amazing at art...
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im speechless this is just beautiful :D
PetoriusRex's avatar
Whoa whoa whoa!! THIS is awesome. Would look great the size of a door and hung there. Beautiful!!! Do you sell this work?
Zergdepoche's avatar
Looks like a fusion between Scotlands landscapes and Nagrand (from Wow)
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