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Farewell My Enemy

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It took my heart
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I really love this!
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"Love Thy Enemy"
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Great artworks, didn't saw anyone painting in similar style as yours. :)
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this is one of the best things in existence
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I like the mood in the painting! Great work!
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Powerful image! Beautiful atmosphere.
Judging from the outfit, this isn't really a 'high fantasy' setting, which is also refreshing.
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Damn. This is a strong symbolic picture, terribly rich. 

I loved it, like most of your gallery. Thanks for your work
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Такое ощущение, что у вас кисть без чувствительности к нажиму, да?
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Нет, с чуствительностью, она влияет на ширину мазка. 
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Ага, спасибо. Арт у вас классный :)
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wonderful piece!
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How do you name this technique which you don't really render too much details. I mean, you put hard strokes and poor blending? Great job! 
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Brush Economy 
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Thanks! I don't know of any special name for this technique =) 
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It is a wonderful piece. There are a lot of details, especially in the rocks on the walls.
I feel a little sad about it and also a little happy. Isn't that strange?
Anyway: nice work! n..n
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Mario at his best!
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