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Dragon's Cry

For CCG "Berserk"
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Люблю когда драконы грозные хищники, а не непонятно что)
Beautiful ! :D
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that looks cool
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What a beautiful picture!
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Замечательно передано состояние в пейзаже! Не знаю, конечно, но кажется что драконы слишком уж гигантские
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the lighting is awsome :O_o:
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I Hope u speak russian and i hope this message makes since :P

ничего себе! ваша работа действительно удивительна! Вы должны сделать некоторые обучающие программы живописи (:I, надеются, что это сообщение делает, с тех пор как я использовал переводчика cuz, я не говорю российский:P

heehee if it doesnt make snce sorry (:

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Fantastic work! Absolutely loving the colors!
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i love the way you did it with the lighting and the landscape!
amazing work!
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I really love how you have scaled these dragons, to try and imagine how big they are just boggles my mind. Its fantastic what you have done here.
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this is my favourite of all times :D 1000 thumbs up
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Amazing landscape and awesome dragons. :clap:
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I just wanted to let you know that I featured this in "Realms of Fantasy and Myth: Week 23 - Western Dragons", you can find it here: [link]
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i love the lightshaded colours on this pic -w-
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i like the scale, really Awesome picture
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I like sitting and watching this picture! It gives a sense of total freedom.
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The light, pastel-y colors make for a bright, yet vivid picture. I like the variety of textures here. Even thought it's a small painting on my screen, the mountains and perspective add a sense of enormity.

And, for some reason, this drawing makes me cheerful.
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