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By Andasolo - 18.05.2011

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Note: Well, the client wanted another social network design for students, inspired by facebook, my modified version and the version of jonaska.
I tried to make it look as unique as possible, but okay.
Please do not ask anymore for sites looking like facebook or any other re-re-designed version.

Inspired by:


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Techruth12's avatar

Nice work,

You might also like to read about How To Create A Facebook Fan Page

herikolmas's avatar
nice style, where i get this theme bos ?
ilkayay's avatar
I want to buy a site like this theme, is there
Yoggisek's avatar
look pretty good
nextCode's avatar

how much it was ?


prateeknatani's avatar
ooo nice... like it ..

rjcalo's avatar

.this design looks familiar to me..:)

Andasolo's avatar
Whta do you mean?
rjcalo's avatar

Do you know Michael Burns?. He's also a Graphic Designer, based here on phil. 
MansyDesignTools's avatar
Ahmet-Hasan's avatar
how many dollars this theme?
DaniellMesquita's avatar
This is a phpFox source, using a custom 3rd party theme...
Congratulations for...
...phpFox team!!!
niklasniklas96's avatar
Hey can i bought the Deisgn? Contact me in Skype: niklas.peisker
Ahmet-Hasan's avatar Where?

For a demo of it, please do your phpFox
woodpeckr's avatar
Very Nice work!!
"I blow cocks but don't tell anyone, please!"
made my day :)

btw: nice design ^^
Kurdtgerardo's avatar
Awesome! This is much better than the shitty facebook design.
drawlian's avatar
lol JB said ..
WickedDesiqns's avatar
Very nice, what is the font that you used for "Llandel Veguilla" just below his picture where it says "What are you doing right now?" I'm assuming it's some usual font, but I can't find it :)
Andasolo's avatar
Hello, its the "Klavika" font, known as facebook logo font (:
WickedDesiqns's avatar
I tried it, however, is it usual that on the non-capital I's the dot ontop is removed when it's below 14 pixels? (I.e: it looks just like a line instead of an small i.
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