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1. I love coffee. Basically, a good morning cup of raph coffee with halva is a perfect way to attune to work.

2. I love drawing and concepting stuff, to sketch and paint. That's what I do for living and enjoy.

3. Aaaand here you can buy me a coffee! That's a PayPal based option to support me) If you enjoyed some of my works and feel like it, it'll be much appreciated and inspire me further. And thank you if you do!
Hi people!

I'd like to remark a few things you wrote me about and make them clear. Now to the details:

1. You'd like to use my concepts as reference to your 3d modelling - you're welcome, as well as you'd like to use it for study or as an inspiration for your own revision; take any you like and just make sure you give reference here or better

2. You'd like to use my concepts other than for the sake of studying or modelling, like, as an illustration somewhere on your site or for musical album - and it's going to be about earning money or for promotion. Then the answer is no, I do not give away any rights to do so. Alas.

3. You'd like to answer some questions about study, concept art or basic drawing\painting skills - then you're welcome to do so at or

4. For all and every other questions and requests, please, use the same links!


In addition to perspective grid with 1, 2 or three vanishing points I took another exercise - from tutorials and courses. Exercise with 4 values - sometimes there were 3 of them or 5, it doesn’t really matter. This practice shows some principles of air perspective and repeating rhythms (when same or somehow equal objects are placed on different layouts to show the distance and depth clearly).

As long as I’m still a student, any comments and corrections are very welcomed!

Step 1. From black to white.

Take 4 grades - white background, two grays (66 and 33% Brightness) and black at foregound. Each layout place on its layer and make corrections accordingly.

Work with hard brush with no textures or value grades with transparency and flow control off.
The triangle tip shape in my choice as long as it provides interesting and fresh shape and you can rotate it to get new angles. 
I also recommend to make each layout in order, one by one from background to foreground, making composition correcting on its layer if needed.

For the sake of interesting perspective solution I used here both air perspective and repeating shapes of buildings, windows (value of previous layout used on them) and flyers. Plus for windows on the foreground I used both gray and white to rise the contrast.

Step 2. Colour gradient.

Take any color to work with. Again use the Brightness axis to pick 3 values plus white (you can also use any bright variation instead white). There’s also a saturation guide I used here - less saturated color on background vs more saturated on a closer layout.

To the repeating forms rhythm (“pillars” in the center and slopes on the right edge - repeating as you can count them “1-2-3”) I added some shape guidelines reminding perspective grid. Few lines of these shapes direct the viewer to the right-center area of the picture, helping to enter the location and, say, follow inside it. And for the foreground I used white again (in the water, picked it just erasing some areas of next layers) plus thin lines on the rock formation and the dude. I like dudes in pictures, they do a lot of work simply standing there =)

Step 3. Palette.

One of my favourite ways of study - copying. I picked one really cool picture of some Master Artist in which values, colours, elements and shapes do really inspire me. On this particular one I also found the rhytm of buildings which strengthens values and perspective greatly.

Here’s how I did it. The string on the bottom as a fragment of the original pic, rotated 90 degrees to the left to form a readable gradient (“Pixelate” filter used to select tones sharply). As I wanted to keep things simple, I took only 4 tones - from brighter skies to darker buildings. I copied also the main composition with “widescreen” correction, keeping the bridges, the path and the hill with some additions I found suitable.

Again every layout was placed on its layer. Perspective worked here also with small detailing rhythm - from background to foreground I added more and more beams, visible windows and other details. I found it very elegant to keep closer objects within shapes of previous layout so I copied this effect too.

And again I used the sky color for the closest objects (to make the contour light effect). It was also tempting to pick that deep red color, and so I did to emphasise the focal points more. With it I added some noise to make the sky a bit more interesting. And called it done.

In addition: here you can find PSD-file with all the layers of these pics here to follow the steps I passed. Comment if you can't download it!

Thanks for your time! I hope you found the investment useful!
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Once a year I do a post here, so let me not to break a tradition down!
This latest year was really cool! I'm really grateful for all the feedback you gave me guys. Keep commenting and faving! =)
And here's a plan: as long as I've decided to study environment concepting closely, see for more locations! I hope you'll like the upcoming stuff!
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Hello, everyone!
I really and greatly appriciate your attention, and faves, and +watches. It means a lot to me. I can hardly answer every +fav so I thank you all here and hope you read this!
Still I should say that I can't give enough attention to this blog so I use DA as a portfolio mostly. However, I do my best to trace your comments - so, please, ask questions if any, criticize (it would be most appriciated!), I'd answer shortly!
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I can hardly handle more than one journal on more than one language, that's a pity. Anyway I thank you so much for all your favs and inspiring words.
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Many thanks for your choises, dear guests. Really proud you've taken some of my works in your favourities. Thats really very nice and inspiring.
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i'm really happy about your interest of my new photos) Really, thank you so much.
and let me also remind you about great and terrible copyright) i'm not going to suspect you of breaking any, i just want to remind...
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I'm pleased you liked my new photos, really. I glad to give you a piece of the tale I saw)
Also - all the rest Tales are updated to their original size=)
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Well-well... actually, i've two more journals (one o'them u can see next: , by the way, there're some CG arts) So i doubt whether i'll make here any posts rich in content)
But i'll welcome everyone on my LiveJournal page ;)
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