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Strider Disc Wallpaper Pack


Rose's version here: [link]

To use these, click the download button the the right of the page. ->
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Levyafan's avatar
Using the number 3. I KNEW it was going to be my new wallpaper at the first moment I ever saw this.
DestinysCharm's avatar
Just wondering, are you gonna ever to the other kids' wallpaper themes?
andarix's avatar
Yes, I am! I have a few drafts already, just nothing I'm happy with yet. The plan is to do all the trolls and all the kids.
Madved's avatar
YEAH thank you!.
TarriPup's avatar
Whoa this is just so kick-ass.... I am DEFINITELY using this... at least until I find something just as awesome or more awesome... which would have to be Homestuck-related because of awesome. :meow:
SilverTwilight13241's avatar
Using number 2. So amazing.
onFyre's avatar
Using number four right now. So slick.
Zazu75's avatar
//squees and faves and saves
residentsnob's avatar
Wow. You're like an answered prayer! I was just about to look for a new wallpaper that I can replace my old one with. Now I have a new one to drool on while I'm procrastinating on my lab works. Haha!
andarix's avatar
Hahaha, I'm glad you like them, I really am blown away when people actually want to use these. :)
Kaeriah's avatar
Oh my these are lovely <3
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kilian777's avatar
What, no snoop dog snow cone machete?
andarix's avatar
I was considering it, but I feel that the most iconic swords of his were the Caledscratch and then the Royal Deringer after that. I think even SORD... comes a little bit before the Snow Cone Machete, sadly!
SauronBane's avatar
Now imagine turning these into an animated gif, then setting as your desktop :)
andarix's avatar
Actually in Windows 7, you can have it switch smoothly between them, switching anywhere from every 30 seconds to every day- so no need for gifs!
SauronBane's avatar
You win. The internets. Because I actually didn'tknow that >.> -goes off to try- Gif's are still fun though...
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stickninjasllama's avatar
You're welcome ^_^
SpiffyBug's avatar
Wow! These are gorgeous.
andarix's avatar
kitsune-shojo's avatar
These are beautiful! I will have them adorn my desktop shortly!
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