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Lasso Speedpaints 3-16-13

These are straying a little bit away from my project description, but we're doing some specific exercises at our studio this week and I don't have time for much extra, so these will probably be my updates for now.

These are all about 10 minutes each with a focus on simplicity and capturing the light with as few elements as possible. No color picking or tracing, all through observation, using just the lasso tool, flat shapes and a few gradients when necessary.
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Great tonal studies
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I remember my digital art teacher doing this, it really does make a good practice study for color and composition. :D This picture makes me want to start doing these again, I'd love to get them as nicely matching as these ^^
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Yeah, it's definitely a good exercise. Training your eye is probably one of the most important things, and the assertiveness of these makes you really think about your decisions.
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These are great exercises and look very helpful.
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Thanks,great practice!
Holyengine's avatar
Nice idea for training :) i'll test it Thanks to share :)
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Hope you find it helpful, it's great exercise! :D
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great exercise and idea! must test this TY!
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They turned out really nicely! It looks like the cutout filter in Photoshop. If you use Photoshop, open up one of the images, go to Filter>Filter Gallery...>Artistic>Cutout to see what I mean.
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Thanks! :)

And yeah, they have similar effects; but the cutout filter is going based on math, how close the hex codes match each other to group them together, your mind does a much better job if discerning what's what.
1o11y9o9's avatar
Fair enough! I did not know that.
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This looks like an excellent exercise indeed. Something I'll definitely be doing myself!
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so simple yet so beautiful
i really want to try this
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Hmmm This is something I definitely need to do!! I work primarily in Illustrator so this seems like a fitting exercise.
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Thanks! Yeah, it's great practice.
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