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Female Figure Painting Tutorial

Just a quick tutorial of the process of a 3 hour figure painting, hopefully you'll find it somewhat helpful and informative!

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Whenever a very beginner artist asks for shading help I always point them towards this tutorial. It's so clean and easy to understand, and it got me to begin to understand how light and shadow works more than any other method
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excellent figure study
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Thank you!!! I follow (or try) your directions! Mercy :D
This is the result:…
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Wow, Thank You!! I followed the tutorial to draw the reference with actual pencil on paper, it was great and learned a lot.
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Used this tutorial to paint this:…

I love your method of painting! It's so efficient and it speeds up the process substantially
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Great work! You did an excellent job of keeping the values of the lights and darks cleanly separated. Good job with the overall proportions too. Keep practicing! :D
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Thanks! I do see a couple things to work on, but it's definitely a step up from my previous work.
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used this tutorial/art process to paint this:…
Thanks so much man.
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thank you so much i've been quite struggling with it :)
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Glad it was helpful! :)
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Hi, I assume you either got this tutorial from online, a book or you made it yourself. Thank you so much for taking the time to post it! It was one of the most useful visuals I have seen to date! Did you make it with photoshop? 
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I made both the painting and the tutorial myself, yes. dA isn't really a place to repost stuff so the content in (most) peoples' galleries is original work. :)

And thanks! I'm glad it was helpful for you, it was all done in photoshop, yeah.
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 VERY Helpful!!!!
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Very nicely structured.
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That drawing tutorial was the simplest en best I ever seen. Keep up the good work my friend
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Thanks, glad it was helpful! :)
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This is incredibly helpful. Thank you!
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Glad it was helpful! :)
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