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Daily Deviation
August 23, 2011
Suggester's words: Digital Painting Tutorial by *Andantonius is an amazing tutorial on digital painting, educational and easy to follow!
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Digital Painting Tutorial

Well, I promised a while back that I'd try to get another tutorial made over winter break, so here it is! I had wanted to do another video tutorial, but just don't have the time to plan and edit one right now, but I'll try to get some time-lapsed videos out sometime.

Apologies for the massive walls of text, but I wanted this tutorial to go beyond just what tools and step-by-step processes to use; there are plenty of those tutorials floating around, but very few that focus on the real foundations of making an image. Hopefully this will be useful in both areas!

Let me know if anything's unclear or needs correction!

Put in the Corel Painter category because technically the image was done in Painter, but this can be applied to pretty much any software.
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Explodingzombies's avatar
I know it's been said, but thank you for this tutorial!!
bujanitapaul's avatar
Thank You ! This is very inspiring . 
EcstaticMind's avatar
Thank you for this beautiful tutorial. It is very instructive.
JacquelineBarkla's avatar
Thank you for taking the time to do these tutorials! to aspiring artists it's stuff like this that really helps motivate us to keep on trying after failing! :)
DarinHuddy's avatar
:D (Big Grin) Thank you for sharing your process. Excelsior!
Sleyf's avatar
Thanks so much for this! Am currently using it to help with a picture XD, I never tried the greyscale shading approach before!
Gookins's avatar
Thanks a lot for sharing such a in-depth step by step process. Such comprehensive instructions are rare to find freely on the internet. Cheers :beer:
Andantonius's avatar
Thanks, glad you found it helpful! :)
CosiVivace's avatar
This tutorial sounds just like my 2-D and art history professors! On another note, it's very helpful to see the process step-by-step. I've always had a good understanding of values, but when it comes to transitioning into colour? I am so lost... Fortunately, your tutorial helped me grasp a better understanding of how to apply colours consciously, which seems like 'common knowledge,' or knowledge we all learnt (as artists or not) in primary and secondary schools the way you explained, ha.

Anyway, like the rest, I am thankful for your surprisingly thorough tutorial that just so happens to make sense - as a bonus, of course. (Thumbs up.) Now let me see if I can apply this knowledge accordingly... I have terrible sense of colour palettes, ha ha.

Take care, I look forward to admiring your future pieces.
Andantonius's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad it was helpful for you! It's definitely tough to transition from value to color, the key is definitely to simplify it as much as possible.
lou2209's avatar
I'm pretty sure I read this when you got the DD and I had no idea what any of it meant.
But reading this now, wow, it's helped so much!
Recently I've been trying to focus on my values (because I get too caught up in pretty colours) and this'll definitely be good to look back upon :3
Andantonius's avatar
Cool, glad it's been helpful to ya! Definitely re-reading tutorials and stuff years later can make a lot more sense, haha. I'm still having moments where something I heard years ago suddenly makes sense.
xRAMENformee's avatar
i've been creeping through your gallery, and your works are all beautiful but i especially enjoy your detailed tutorials! Thank you SO MUCH for taking the time to create all of these!! they really help explain or clarify many things, i will definitely be referencing them in the future. Thank you!! :D
Andantonius's avatar
Thanks so much! Glad you find them helpful! :)
Cheboboh's avatar
Holy shit! Thank you so much for this! o_o
Andantonius's avatar
My pleasure, glad it's helpful! :)
TaishoTan's avatar
Love this detailed explanation of the tutorial..It conveys the message clearly on how to improve drastically...
Andantonius's avatar
Thanks, glad it was helpful! :)
1o11y9o9's avatar
Wow. Just wow. This is absolutely amazing. It puts anything I've done to shame. :facepalm: Do you think you could explain what you mean by "interesting shapes"? I'm a little confused.
Andantonius's avatar
Thanks, I'm glad you found it helpful!

And about creating interesting shapes, it's kind of hard to explain, but try and think about it like an animator. If you're drawing an arm, you don't just want to draw shaky, unconfident tubes that kind of feel like arms, you want to find exactly the right shape that conveys the pose and action that you're trying to capture. This principle applies to everything, if you're drawing fire, the shapes of the fire can't just be squiggles, they have to be carefully thought out, how curvy is it, how spiky, how thick, how thin, how much does it vary, what's its overall shape, what's its minor shapes, etc. It's about being purposeful with everything in your image and not just slapping paint down and assuming it's going to give you the feeling you want. :)
elufie's avatar
thnx, very nice:)
Andantonius's avatar
Glad it was helpful! :)
HinataTakahashi's avatar
Thanks! really i needed this ♥
Andantonius's avatar
Glad it was helpful! :)
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