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Azure Process

Here's the step-by-step process for my Azure piece: [Link]

Pretty straightforward on this one, started with loose sketching, clean-ish linework on top of that, an underpainting, then a few days in rendersville. :)

Probably around 25 hours total.
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I love these step-by-step gifs. Thank you so much and I hope it will help me with my own work. Thank you again so much.
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Thank you for sharing your process! This is really great to see!
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Wooow ! Thanks, this is really helpfull and amazing =D
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Freaking awesome
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this is brilliant, I love that you shared so many of your steps!
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This is really interesting to watch.  Thank you for making it~ 
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This is simply amazing. Thank you so much for share with us! 
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awesome work i hope i get this good in a few years.
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totally in love with this Heart 
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This is so incredible! Absolutely wonderful work! :)
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this is so beautiful I don't even Snif..Is Beautiful..Onion 
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Cool to see the progress! :D What kind of filter/texture did you use to get that 'grainy' effect? :3
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Thanks very much!

And the grainy thing, are you referring to something in the final image or just the process gif? If it's the gif, that's just artifacting from it being a gif: in order to save file size it only uses 256 colors so instead of smooth gradients it creates dithering with solid pixels speckled together to create the illusion of a gradient.
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You're welcome! (: I meant the gif itself, thanks for your explanation! 
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Thank you so much for this! It's so helpful :)
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Oh Gods, this is so amazing, I can't stop watching it over and over again! :wow:
Just wanted to let you know, your art is really amazing, it just inspires to practice more :squee:
I have one little question, are you using Photoshop, or some other programs too? 
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haha, thanks very much!

And yep, all my work is done in Photoshop, though I'll often block out complicated structures / weapons in SketchUp too.
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