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A1 - Inventing Light

First finished assignment for my Trichroma project, this one was about inventing lighting situations. The first piece was painted from a photo ref, the second was painted from two completely different refs just as lighting inspiration, and the third piece was painted totally from imagination.

The idea is to observe something to learn from reality, then apply it steadily by imagination, since that's the ultimate goal. Definitely learned a lot with this one, and it's a good reminder of how much lighting can change the mood of the piece.

If you're interested in taking part in these assignments, feel free to check out the info here: [Link]

More to come soon. :0
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very beautiful figure study and great use of color
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I wish I knew how to do stuff like this. I just don't understand values or lighting at all. Well, I do understand a little bit but not nearly enough to do this kind of lighting.
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It can definitely be a tricky subject, but if you're interested in learning more about it I'd highly highly recommend the book Color and Light by James Gurney, and the gnomon dvd Practical Light and Color by Jeremy Vickery. Those two taught me pretty much everything I know about lighting. :)
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Thanks. Are they free?
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No, but they're more than worth the price. Gurney's book is only $15 usd and will give you tons of great information to work with. :)
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I'm loving the half light in the second one!
It's a really good idea for an assignment. 
When I can make time I definitely want to try it out.
Did you start with a basic line art or values to have the figures all looking the same size/shape? C:
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Thanks very much! I'd definitely recommend it, it's a good challenge. :)

And yeah, I started out by doing this clean drawing:…
And then just copied and pasted it and began each new image with an underpainting then rendered on top. I wanted to focus on the color and not have to worry about re-doing the figure each time.
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Cool, cool. Thanks for your response, and good luck with the exercises! :D
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looks fantastic, a job well done!
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you r welcome Broken Fighting Dome (Kawaii Please) 
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great idea to study and nice results
I will try too :)
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It's definitely a lot of fun. Thanks! :)
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You did a great job making it feel like it was the same person with the same skin tone throughout these three while only the lighting changed. Was there any particular part of these that was hard for you?
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Thanks very much! :)

The second one was probably the most difficult of the three, figuring out how to keep the green leaves feeling green in all that orange light was confusing, and I'm not quite sure if I really achieved it, but I think as a whole it works.
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Wow! this is amazing :+fav:
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I hope you got the good grade you deserved!
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Haha, fortunately there are no grades, just the benefit of improved skills! :D
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