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Jon Neimeister
Artist | Professional | Digital Art
United States
Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use your art for my project?
Probably not- most of the art in my gallery is owned by Hi-Rez Studios and cannot be used for any other purpose. If it's just for a private D&D game with your friends that's fine, but using it for any kind of promotion or marketing (YouTube, websites, games, books, etc.) is not allowed.

How did you learn to draw?
In a word: practice. I did go to art school and I learned a lot of useful stuff there, but art school isn't a necessity and anyone can learn to draw if you're willing to invest a lot of time and practice diligently.

How do you get your paintings so clean?
In a word: patience. I easily spend 40+ hours on a painting, going in and making sure everything that needs to be clean is clean, and everything that's rough is intentionally rough. For more specifics on my process, check out the Tutorials & Resources folder in my gallery.

Do you take commissions?
Rarely, but sometimes I open commissions in small batches. Follow Andantonius on the social media of your choice to get notified when it happens.

Do you take requests?
Sorry, but no. Art takes too long to do for free. =P


Tobias 2008-2018
Ten years ago today someone was mean to me on the internet. Being the petty bitch that I am, I thought it was the perfect opportunity for a little glo up. 😘✨
Shadow Eater Bakasura
Splash art for Smite 5.19
Been experimenting with a new, more painterly process lately. I think it's working well. :D

Concept by Marc-Ross Michaud
© Hi-Rez Studios
Cyber Scythe Thanatos
He's a sneaky boi, taking down his evil twin brother's empire from within

© Titan Forge Games
Concept by Marc-Ross Michaud
Well it's been a wild 5 years, but my days of freelancing are drawing to a close. Next week I'll be headed down to Atlanta to join the talented folks over at Hi-Rez and work on Smite full-time! :D

I'm super excited and grateful for the opportunity, I couldn't ask for a better group of people to work with and working in-house has been at the top of my bucket list for years.



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