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My Livestream is still around and kicking!

Watch me drawing here

also if you want to commission me 
there are 3 slots open at the moment. 

The journal will get an update about commission pricing soon, too.  
May 1st 2015, 7pm CEST
Streaming attempt

Watch me drawing girls and ranting about different things XD…

Please remember:
This is a GERMAN stream, so I'll be talking in german most of the time.
But you can always throw in some english, I'm capable of speaking that, too ^^

BTW this is a BYOM(bring-your-own-music)stream, also no HD
Streaming status: OFFLINE

Next streaming attempt: Saturday, october 5th, 2.00 pm EST

Join and lets have a fun time!
You have that awesome character of yours but you don't know how to draw him/her/it properly? No problem!

15€ sketches
25€ linearts
50€ full colored art
                         ...for one character. Every additional character is 6€. Maximum is 4 characters.
Special offer:
20€ full coloured chibi

I'll take 5 clients at a time.
details via note.

Visit me at the Hessen-Argentur booth on the CeBit 2012, May 6th -10th

Further information coming soon!
Visit me and my friend's company "DAUBIT" booth in Hall 4.2 P443

There is no programm planned so far, but me drawing on a Cintiq and my friend hot self-developed ipad applications!

I will be doing live drawings (finishing/ colouring pictures and comics).
ALso look for the awesome new Comic content management system for ipad presented at the booth!

If you like to just ask me to draw a little sketch for you. Im also available for commissions!

Commission :iconmcca-rae: with anything you like to get drawn.

You want a visualisation of your original character you had in your mind for so long?
No problem! Just ask her, and for a little donation she will draw it for you!

There is that/ are those characters of that /those animes or tv series  you like? and you want them to pair up?
What are you wating for? Commission :iconmcca-rae: and anything is possible!

Not convincing enough?
Watch her gallery…

now convinced? GOOOOOOOD

Commission :iconmcca-rae: and the world will be a better place!<b> or klick here

follow my working processes and stuff I do, not just getting the final image at the end of the week!
phew...survived the first half of my third semester here at uni.
a lot of things happened. I got hired for WACOM Cintiq demonstrations, worked on an animated short for a 1000-year party of an old castle, will work for a company as graphic designer.
AND the biggest surprise: I talked to some publisher(which I cannot name here yet).
And it seems like they are interested in my "RED QUEEN" story and "Panzerfaust Catgirl Princess"!!!
Im going to do some pre-illustrations for them now.

Oh...and I should not lost focus on the projects that need to befinished before the end of the term...
I thought of the many thing I had to do in my semester break, but then it turned out I have even more important stuff to do. Im a little short of money and also have plans to move.
so I need to sell all the unused/ never used stuff my great-grandparents left behind almost 60 years ago.
That also requires a lot of cleaning dirty whiskey bottles and tidying up the dusty roof and barn.
Man, can you even imaging how many thousands of little and big items can pile up over one half of a century?

I also took a little illustrations job for a small game company of a good friend of mine.
There's also a drawn payment to do, that needs to be finished soon.

As you see, a lot of stuff is going on at the moment.
I think it will take some time till new pictures will come up or being open for new commissions.
But I let you know when new pictures will come ^^ and of course about the game!
As you might know Im one of the mods of the ArtistTree chatroom. If there is something you want to tell or complain about, like you got muted/kicked/banned by any of the other mods or Mentors, please do not write comments on my DA page. Write a note!
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After DAcademy-Chatroom was closed for open conversations, some awesome brotastic guys and guyettes founded a new room where all the now homeless Alumnis and new people can join and talk about everything:


Purposes of the chatroom will still be the same as in the DAcademy chatroom. Talk about arts and stuff, help others to improve or look out for help, get critics on your art or give critics.

Since future is still very unclear, things have to be set and problems to be solved.
:iconcrypticmanifestation: wrote a journal entry about the future of this new chatroom

If anyone ponders about what happened to the DACAD chatroom. It will still be active, but only for organized events.
Read here for further information:…

Have a nice stay in the DAlumniExile!

PS: Thanks to :iconcrypticmanifestation: and :iconjio-derako: for their efforts in gathering the homeless Alummis and creating and reconsidering old and new rules and ideas for the chatroom!
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...and it really drives me crazy.

Since the beginning of 2010 I have no motivation to go on drawing. There are already 30 sketches, 7 WIPs and 3 almost finished pics waiting to be done. but everytime I open PS/Sai I feel sleepy or get distracted by new manga chapters or simply chatting with friends.

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Thanks to a very clever programmer in his sticky little cabin of dirt and grease somewhere over the world, my pc died. Including every file on my backup drive, a virus destroyed all of my works and Wips from 2007 to today.

Lucky me, I still have a usb flash drive with the latest works always in my backpack. But Im not sure if it isnt infected, too.
After my pc at work also died by the infection, I really had a moment of insanity.

I hope my laptop isnt infected too. it havent yet shown the symptomes. So I continue drawing with it.

For everyone who waits for new arts, please support me by hunting down internet criminals and/or burn down their work places/house AND equipment and load up photos of the criminals as they suffer by losing their shit or when they are taken to jail for a lifetime!
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I'm going to do a little skechting session in my livestream
==> <==

Saturday 26 sept

1. :iconbluetuesdays: => A girl eating icecream parfait
2. :iconella-kayleigh: => cause she didnt leave a note, she gets something very special!! :)
3. :iconshabello: + :iconbraedenpenberg: => the 2 of them playing patacake and high five

Session starts at 7.00pm GMT with preps for streaming, 8pm real start ^^

These are the only free sketches I'm doing over the next time.

For the ppl who get a sketch, please let me know what you want me to draw.
Send me a gb entry or a note
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  • Reading: Rosario to Vampire 2nd Season
  • Watching: Eureka Seven Movie
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Pheeew...more than half a year has passed since my last entry. Maybe someone wonders about if I keep my page up to date.
Yes, I kept...except for my journal.

'lot of things happened. Projects, demonstrations, conventions etc.
I took a few days off from work, so I could work on my own stuff again.
A lot of drawings are still in progress, but I kept my schedule.

Maybe in September/October I'm able to upload new stuff. But first I have to prepare a 2-day drawing work-shop which is set on oct 21/22. Its the first time I'm tutoring a real class in drawing...

So then, 'till next time
Keep on drawing ;)
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Two days before christmas I'm giving my last few words for this year.
What should I say? Hmm...
This year was the best ever. I never had so much fun and so much luck. Sometimes I thought there were too many coincidences for just one person.
I got to know what will happen in the upcoming year. If everything turns out the way it is planed, 2009 will be overwhelming ^^

I wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year!
See you there ^^
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Hello there ^^

I've never thought I would work in such a cool place with so many cool people and bosses. I'm really happy. I can do what I had wished to do for a long time: 3D-Modelling!!

Now I'm going through a lot of tutorials and further education to get better.
Someday in a near future (I hope so)I can do some graphics for a game or conceptional design for a movie...
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Lately I finished job training. Now I'm going to work for half a year to get my highschool degree (education is a bit different in germany...)
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Well, I don't have to report anything special these days.
Easter holidays, just lying somewhere around, drinking beer, learning for exams, gaming GW or drawing.
Gnaaah, here some nonsense stuff in my reagion's german slang:

"Boah, jetz hon aisch mo wirra Zeit wie Bär, hon awa nix besseres se duhn als vom PC rumselungere, Youtube gugge orra Mussig heere. Hab noch ä arschfull Bilda hie rumlieä, die all noch ingescännt orra gecollort were misse...awa nää, ich starr jo liewa lescher in die Luft...kindisch kutze!"